J.S. Bal, K.S. Gill, J. Singh
Powdery mildew disease is caused by Oidium erysiphoides f. sp. ziziphi and appears from September to December in North India. It has become a big menace to jujube orchards and if not checked in time, the disease can wipe out the entire crop. Keeping into view this problem, hybridization studies in Indian jujube were started in September, 1996 between two cultivars i.e. ‘Chinese’ × ‘Sanaur-2’. The ‘Chinese’ cultivar is resistant to powdery mildew disease whereas ‘Sanaur-2’ is a prolific bearer, yields about 150 kg fruit per tree and has been found fairly resistant to powdery mildew disease. The seeds of a hybrid were sown in the nursery and only one plant of the hybrid survived and was planted in September 1997 in the College Orchard Collection Block. The plants were further multiplied through T-budding in August 2001 and budded plants of the hybrid were planted during September 2002 for further testing. The performance of jujube hybrid was studied by recording vegetative and physico-chemical characters of fruits from six to nine year-old plants. The mean fruit size was recorded in terms of length and breadth as 3.43 cm and 2.53 cm, respectively. The fruit weight was noted 11.99 g with seed weight 1.55 g and the fruits were rated as medium in size. The fruits were observed greenish yellow with a light red tinge at maturity. The palatability rating was observed 7.18 out of 10.0 and fruits were rated ‘Very good’. Total soluble solids were recorded at 11.40% and acidity was estimated 0.458%. The vitamin C content of fruits was estimated at 129.7 mg/100 g of fruits. However, the cumulative fruit yield was noted little less (20 kg/tree) than the expected yield. The trees of jujube hybrid were totally free from the attack of powdery mildew disease.
Bal, J.S., Gill, K.S. and Singh, J. (2013). THE VEGETATIVE AND FRUIT CHARACTERISTICS OF HYBRID OF INDIAN JUJUBE . Acta Hortic. 993, 43-46
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.993.5
Indian jujube, hybridization, powdery mildew, Chinese, Sanaur-2

Acta Horticulturae