Zhou Wuzhong
Gardening, one of the oldest categories of art, weaves a bond of green and art from the level between material and spirit. This article sets the inevitable questions of gardening in city as a foundation, making a thorough analysis on the city affected by gardening among diverse aspects. Actually, it might be translated to “conjunction of green and art”, which plays an extraordinary role for improving city quality effectively.
Firstly, gardening affects city life on an intuitive level, which shows up in the ecological system of a city as a key of raising city quality. Secondly, gardening perfects municipal functionality of a city, especially noticeable on the relevance between production of green food and public health. Besides, gardening makes a city environment better in psychology, which can be proved from leisure travel and human comfort of city life. Namely, those cities focusing on the green experienced by gardening, pursuing the integration between green and art, favoring long-term co-existence both material and spirit, will have more chance to be a livable, sophisticated city and ideal home.
Based on the view of 3A (Agriculture, Architecture, Art) philosophy and practice, it provides a motive to make agriculturist including horticulturist, architects including landscape designers and artists including scholars of humanities get together in a unlimited broad sense. The composition of forces will support promoting the quality of a city, building perfect human settlements, and finally, creating the artistic design of a city.
Zhou Wuzhong, (2013). GREEN AND ART PROMOTE THE QUALITY OF CITY. Acta Hortic. 999, 19-26
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.999.1
urban horticulture, city artistic design, green and art, 3A philosophy, the neo-Chinese style, city quality, landscape review

Acta Horticulturae