A. Monteiro
The purpose of the International Society for Horticultural Society (ISHS) is to promote and encourage research and education in all branches of horticultural science. With almost 8,000 members worldwide this society is a global organisation that sponsors activities in a high number of countries. The ISHS has been traditionally focused on the horticulture industry and production-chains of fruits, vegetables and flowers. However the scope of the ISHS goes far beyond horticulture for food production as it is evidenced by the existence of the Commission Landscape and Urban Horticulture as part of the ISHS scientific structure. Urban horticulture, landscaping and garden culture, for instance, are receiving increasing interest in the ISHS activities. Horticulture derived from the “Hortus”, which was a garden located very close to the cities in the ancient Rome civilization. After the industrial revolution, owing to fast and better means of transportation, horticulture production went away from the consumers. Presently the challenge is to re-introduce horticulture into the urban environment. This can be done using innovative tools as far as they comply with important concerns raised the public opinion such as convenience, energy efficiency, enjoyment, environment and sustainable development. The numerous and diversified sessions, commissions and working groups that compose the ISHS scientific structure are prepared to deal with horticulture multidisciplinary nature and to propose holistic approaches for the use of plants in urban spaces. Environmental horticulture, gardening, horticultural therapy and amenity-horticulture, for instance, are attracting an increasing number of people worldwide. Many of them are discovering a new relationship with plants and constitute a fertile ground to sow horticulture concepts. Our ultimate objective is to integrate plants into the urban culture. Plants and horticulture should be regarded as a regular component of our lives as are the performing arts and sports for example. There is a long way to go and so the sooner we start the better.
Monteiro, A. (2013). HORTICULTURE AND PEOPLE IN THE CITY. Acta Hortic. 999, 95-96
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.999.12

Acta Horticulturae