Gao Yike, Wu Chunshui , Yuan Jia
Flower meadow is low maintenance ornamental groundcover in landscaping practice. Investigate structure and dynamics of Subalpine meadow community in Beijing Area in the north of China. The species of wildflower community is about 19/m2, and the density is about 240:m2. Deaths and regeneration occurs frequently in the community. From spring to summer, competition becomes more intense in horizontal direction than in height direction. The change of height direction, reduces the competition of horizontal direction. Based on the variation of importance value of plants in per square meter, the plant community can be divided into three types: homogeneous, gradient and dominant driven. According to the results of the character of wildflower community, the designed flower meadow was for Beijing area. Sixteen species of perennial flowers are selected, including 10 native wild flowers, formatting the five series. Select one commercial series as an experimental control group. According to the amount of seedling and the landscape analysis, 1.57 g/m2 even lower seeding rates can reach the landscape requirements. The number of weed seed bank of soil is key factors affecting the flower meadow.
Gao Yike, , Wu Chunshui , and Yuan Jia, (2013). ESTABLISHING FLOWER MEADOW IN BEIJING AREA. Acta Hortic. 999, 249-252
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.999.35
flower meadow, community structure, importance value

Acta Horticulturae