S.C. Dhang, N. Roychowdhury, T. Mandal, R. Chatterjee
Gardens are developed by placing components of several garden concepts in an area to beautify a stretch of land. The gardens are developed on planting material used, shape and size of the garden components, application of new components in the garden, boldness of features, cleanliness, and rhythm of colour and so on. These factors are maintained by proper nutritional management, cultural management, irrigation and plant protection measure of planting materials. Ten gardens are taken into consideration to study the influence of the different garden concept on these gardens. Most of the garden had components of English type where as the garden of Hazar Duari bears Moghul type as its frame of structure of building and it’s surrounding. Essence or Japanese style is perceived through the components in meagre in Ashokenagar Science Park, Eden Garden and Millennium Park. Modern type of gardening is consisting of using modern technical features for identity and entertaining objects which are observed in Paryatan Kendra and Sanghati Park whereas special type of components are used in Paryatan Kendra, Millennium Park and Sukumar Udyan. Spanish type of influence is being observed in Subhas Park.
Dhang, S.C., Roychowdhury, N., Mandal, T. and Chatterjee, R. (2013). IMPACT OF GARDEN CONCEPTS IN SOME GARDENS OF WEST BENGAL. Acta Hortic. 999, 47-50
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.999.5
gardens, parks, West Bengal, components, moghul, English

Acta Horticulturae