ISHS Awards

  • Honorary Membership of the ISHS will be presented by the Council to a person who is a member of the ISHS in recognition of his/her exceptional service to the Society. A certificate will be given to the recipients of this ISHS Award. Honorary Members are appointed for life by the General Assembly. Honorary membership comes with complimentary ISHS Individual Membership for life.
  • The ISHS Fellow Award will be presented to a person who is a member of ISHS, in recognition of his/her outstanding contribution to horticultural science worldwide. A precious metal pin and a certificate will be given to the recipients of this award. Awarded by the Council; the total number of living ISHS Fellows shall not exceed 1% of the total membership, averaged over a period of previous 5 years.
  • The Horticulture Innovation Award is the highest recognition granted by ISHS Council to a person or institution for an exceptional contribution to horticulture innovation. This award is especially addressed to those with innovative ideas to create new products and services that are seen as important landmarks in the progress of horticulture at international level. A trophy and a certificate will be given to the recipients of this award.
  • An ISHS Medal will - in principle - be mailed or handed out to outgoing Chairpersions of Sections, Commissions and Working Groups, and will be presented at the end of ISHS Symposia to Conveners. The ISHS Board can also award the ISHS Medal to other persons that have provided meritorous services to the Society. The Awards Committee can send recommendations for the ISHS Medal to the ISHS Board. The decision to award an ISHS Medal will rest with the Board. The ISHS Medal - a bronze plaque - will be accompanied by a certificate.
More than one of the above awards can be presented to the same individual person.

The ISHS Awards Committee

The ISHS Awards Committee (AC) is a standing committee that evaluates and recommends to the Council the nominations for Honorary Members, ISHS Fellows and Horticulture Innovation Awards. The committee is composed of 6 voting members plus the Chairperson. The President of the ISHS, or nominated Board member, Chairs the Committee. Decisions are taken by majority of all voting members. A recommendation for an award must receive 5 favourable votes. AC voting members are appointed by the Council for a 4-year term and can be reappointed; the AC decides about its internal organization and functioning.

Nominations for Honorary Members, ISHS Fellows and Horticulture Innovation Awards must be received by the ISHS Executive Director at least 3 months prior to a Council Meeting. Five (5) statements of support must be provided giving the reasons why a nominee is considered worthy of the honor. These statements must come from members in no less than three different countries/regions. Nominations are forwarded to the AC by the Executive Director for consideration. AC Recommendations for awards are submitted by the AC Chair to the Council. AC recommendations must be balloted either by electronic voting (one vote per country/region as for other Council matters) prior to a Council meeting or by a secret ballot at a Council meeting. Two thirds of Council votes present at the meeting or electronically voting must be in favor of a nominee for the award to be granted.

The names of Fellow and Honorary members will forever be included in the membership directory - even after deceased - regardless of the payment of ISHS membership dues.

fellow members

  • Dr. Sylvia Blankenship (USA) 2010
  • Dr. C.D. Brickell (United Kingdom) 2002
  • Prof. Dr. Daniel C. Cantliffe (USA) 2006
  • Dr. Krishan Lal Chadha (India) 2014
  • Prof. Dr. Guglielmo Costa (Italy) 2016
  • Prof. Dr. Ted M. DeJong (USA) 2018
  • Prof. Dr. Silvia Dorn (Switzerland) 2010
  • Dr. Allan Ross Ferguson (New Zealand) 2014
  • Dr. Ian Brookman Ferguson (New Zealand) 2014
  • Prof. Dr. Abraham A. Halevy (Israel) 2006 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. Errol W. Hewett (New Zealand) 2014
  • Prof. Dr. Shuichi Iwahori (Japan) 2014
  • Prof. Dr. Jules Janick (USA) 2006
  • Prof. Dr. Adel A. Kader (USA) 2014 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. John Donough Heber [Dyno] Keatinge (UK) 2016
  • Dr. Schuyler Korban (USA) 2010
  • Dr. Norman E. Looney (Canada) 2006 (*)
  • Dr. William Barry McGlasson (Australia) 2014
  • Dr. Christian Patermann (Germany) 2018
  • Prof. Dr. Robert E. Paull (USA) 2014
  • Dr. L. Rallo Romero (Spain) 2014
  • Prof. Dr. Silviero Sansavini (Italy) 2002
  • Prof. Dr. Ian J. Warrington (New Zealand) 2010

(*): Deceased

honorary members

  • Prof. Dr. Uygun Aksoy (Turkey) 2008
  • Dr. Damiano Avanzato (Italy) 2018
  • Dr. Robert J. Bogers (Netherlands) 2010
  • Dr. C.D. Brickell (United Kingdom) 2002
  • Prof.Em.Dr.Dr.h.c. G. Bünemann (Germany) 1996 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. Daniel J. Cantliffe (USA) 2010
  • Prof. Dr. Lyle Craker (USA) 2006
  • Prof. Dr. G. De Bakker (Netherlands) 1982 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. Yves Desjardins (Canada) 2018
  • Dr. Roger de Vilmorin (France) 1970 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Richard Dixon (United Kingdom) 2014
  • Prof. Dr. Carlo Fideghelli (Italy) 2014
  • Dr. R.R.W. Folley (United Kingdom) 1982 (*)
  • Prof.Em. Dr. Dr.h.c. Dietrich Fritz (Germany) 1990 (*)
  • Dr. Víctor Galán Sauco (Spain) 2018
  • Prof. Dr. A. Gentile (Italy) 1996 (*)
  • Dr. Kim Hummer (USA) 2018
  • Prof. Em. Dr. Masatoshi Iwata (Japan) 1998 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. Jules Janick (USA) 2010
  • Prof. Dr. Koki Kanahama (Japan) 2016
  • Prof. Dr. A. Klougart (Denmark) 1982 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. A. Lecrenier (Belgium) 1974 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. Jung-Myung Lee (South Korea) 2010 (*)
  • Dr. Norman E. Looney (Canada) 2014 (*)
  • Dr. U. Menini (Italy) 1996 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. Sisir Kumar Mitra (India) 2018
  • Prof. Dr. Roar Moe (Norway) 2006 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. António A. Monteiro (Portugal) 2002
  • Dr. Mike Nichols (New Zealand) 2006
  • Prof. Dr. Silvana Nicola (Italy) 2018
  • Prof. Dr. Georg Noga (Germany) 2016
  • Prof. Dr. S.A. Paunovic (Yugoslavia) 1990 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. Szczepan Aleksander Pieniazek (Poland) 1978 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. C.A.M. Portas (Portugal) 2006
  • Dr. J.V. Possingham (Australia) 2002
  • Prof. Dr. D.W. Robinson (Ireland) 1998 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. Silviero Sansavini (Italy) 2002
  • Prof. Dr. Franco Scaramuzzi (Italy) 1998 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. J.G. Seeley (United States of America) 1992 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. P. Spiegel-Roy (Israel) 1978
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Tétényi (Hungary) 1996 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. T.D. Tindall (United Kingdom) 1990 (*)
  • Dr. F.R. Tubbs (United Kingdom) 1974 (*)
  • Prof. Dr. H.B. Tukey Jr. (United States of America) 1994
  • Prof. Dr. H.B. Tukey Sr. (United States of America) 1970 (*)
  • Dr. Omer Verdonck (Belgium) 2014
  • Prof. Em. Dr. W.-U. Von Hentig (Germany) 1994
  • Dr. W.F. Walker (Australia) 1982 (*)
  • Dr. Ian J. Warrington (New Zealand) 2014
  • Dr. Anthony David Webster (United Kingdom) 2014
  • Prof. Dr. S.J. Wellensiek (Netherlands) 1970 (*)
  • Dr. R.H. Zimmerman (United States of America) 2002

(*): Deceased

ISHS Horticulture Innovation Award

  • Compac Sorting Equipment Ltd. (New Zealand) 2014
  • Shaanxi Haisheng Fresh Fruit Juice Co., Ltd. (China) 2018
  • Suntory Flowers Ltd. (Japan) 2016