XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): International Symposia on the Physiology of Perennial Fruit Crops and Production Systems and Mechanisation, Precision Horticulture and Robotics

Online articles

Orchard natural capital supplying valuable ecosystem services

  • B.E. Clothier
  • S.R. Green
  • K. Müller
  • R.M. Gentile
  • K. Mason
  • I. Herath
  • A. Holmes

Roadblocks to assessing climate impacts on temperate perennial fruit

  • R. Darbyshire
  • E.W.R. Barlow
  • L. Webb
  • I. Goodwin

Effect of sustainable production systems on carbon and water footprint in fruit tree orchards

  • C. Xiloyannis
  • A. Fiore
  • A.N. Mininni
  • E. Xylogiannis
  • G. Montanaro
  • B. Dichio

Soil carbon and nutrient services under Australian apple production systems

  • R.M. Gentile
  • R. Simpson
  • K. Mason
  • C. van den Dijssel
  • B.E. Clothier
  • M. Hardie
  • D. Cornwall

Variation in the flowering phenology of apple and pear in Australia

  • H.A. Parkes
  • O. Tabing
  • L. McClymont
  • J.D. Wilkie
  • M. Combret

Quality of apple flowers grown in different latitudes

  • P. Francescatto
  • A.L. da Silva
  • J.L. Petri
  • M. Couto
  • G.B. Leite
  • J. Racsko

A new product to induce apple bud break and flowering - Syncron®

  • J.L. Petri
  • G.B. Leite
  • M. Couto
  • P. Francescatto

Behaviour of some cherry cultivars under parallel Trident planting system

  • F. Stănică
  • A.C. Asănică
  • S.C. Grigore
  • O.M. Cârstea

From fruit anatomical features to fruit growth strategy: is there a relationship?

  • B. Morandi
  • L. Manfrini
  • M. Zibordi
  • L. Corelli-Grappadelli
  • P. Losciale

Potential of QualiTree, a virtual fruit tree, to study the management of fruit quality under biotic and abiotic constraints

  • F. Lescourret
  • J.M. Mirás Avalos
  • E. Nicolás
  • G. Vercambre
  • P. Valsesia
  • J.J. Alarcón
  • M. Génard

Application of oxalic acid to sweet cherry trees improves yield, quality and phytochemical attributes at harvest

  • P.J. Zapata
  • S. Castillo
  • F. Guillén
  • M. Serrano
  • D. Martínez-Romero
  • J.M. Valverde
  • H.M. Díaz-Mula
  • D. Valero

Artificial spur extinction to regulate crop load and fruit quality of 'Kalei' apple

  • O. Tabing
  • H.A. Parkes
  • S.G. Middleton
  • D.S. Tustin
  • K.C. Breen
  • B.M. van Hooijdonk

Gradual release of PGRs by dispenser application to control suckers in 'Fuji Suprema' apple trees

  • G.A. Meyer
  • L. Rufato
  • J. De A. Talamini
  • M.E. Bueno
  • A. De R. Rufato
  • A.A. Kretzschmar

Carbon to nitrogen ratio in peach bark and incidence of bacterial canker

  • G.L. Reighard
  • W. Bridges, Jr.
  • D.M. Glenn
  • N.A. Mayer

Promotion of gold kiwifruit 'Haegeum' (Actinidia chinensis Planch.) maturity using plastic house cultivation

  • Younsup Cho
  • Hyesung Cho
  • Moonyoung Park
  • Eunsik Kim
  • Donggeun Lim
  • Byeongjoon Jung

Fertilization and fruit setting in date palm: biological and technological challenges

  • Y. Cohen
  • F. Slavkovic
  • D. Birger
  • A. Greenberg
  • A. Sadowsky
  • M. Ish-Shalom
  • M. Benita
  • T. Ticuchinski
  • Y. Avnat
  • R. Kamenetsky

Physiological behavior of three ethnovarieties of cocona (Solanum sessiliflorum Dunal) fruit grown in different Amazonic environments during development and ripening

  • J.E.C. Cardona
  • J.A. Barrera
  • M. Carrillo
  • M.S. Hernández
  • O. Martínez
  • L.E. Cuca-Suarez
  • J.P. Fernández-Trujillo

Rootstock effect on water consumption in pear 'Abbé Fetel'

  • P. Losciale
  • M. Zibordi
  • L. Manfrini
  • B. Morandi
  • E. Pierpaoli
  • L. Corelli-Grappadelli

Root system architecture in reciprocal grafts of apple rootstock-scion combinations

  • N. Harrison
  • N. Barber-Perez
  • B. Pennington
  • E. Cascant-Lopez
  • P.J. Gregory

Rooting of blueberry hardwood cuttings as affected by irrigation water pH and IBA

  • D.L.O. Fischer
  • G.W. Fernandes
  • E.A. Borges
  • C.F.B. Piana
  • M.S. Pasa

Effects of seven rootstocks on the performance of Citrus medica L. ('Diamante')

  • F. Ferlito
  • B. Torrisi
  • G. Cicciarello
  • G. Russo
  • D. PietroPaolo
  • M. Allegra
  • F. Intrigliolo
  • G. Roccuzzo

Comparison of promising dwarfing rootstocks for 'Fuyu' Japanese persimmon trees

  • H. Yakushiji
  • A. Azuma
  • H. Sugiura
  • A. Yamasaki
  • Y. Koshita

Responses of young apple trees to soil water restriction: combining shoot morphology and leaf functioning over a range of genotypes

  • P.É. Lauri
  • P. Losciale
  • M. Zibordi
  • L. Manfrini
  • L. Corelli-Grappadelli
  • J.L. Regnard
  • E. Costes

The effects of artificial spur extinction (ASE) on the water use efficiency of apple tree canopies

  • S.R. Green
  • I. Goodwin
  • D. Cornwall
  • D.S. Tustin
  • K.C. Breen
  • B.M. van Hooijdonk

Nitrogen fertilization management and green pruning on the quality of peach fruits

  • M.A. Dolinski
  • F.L. Cuquel
  • L.L. May De Mio
  • A.C.V. Motta

Autonomous intelligent system for fruit yield estimation

  • C. Hung
  • J.P. Underwood
  • J. Nieto
  • S. Sukkarieh

Wide span – re-mechanising vegetable production

  • H.H. Pedersen
  • F.W. Oudshoorn
  • J.E. McPhee
  • W.C.T. Chamen

Remote sensing of N deficiencies in apple and pear orchards

  • E.M. Perry
  • M. Bluml
  • I. Goodwin
  • D. Cornwall
  • N.D. Swarts

Automating mango crop yield estimation

  • A.B. Payne
  • K.B. Walsh
  • P.P. Subedi

Tree centric localisation in almond orchards

  • J.P. Underwood
  • G. Jagbrant
  • J. Nieto
  • S. Sukkarieh

Trunk localisation in trellis structured orchards

  • S. Bargoti
  • J.P. Underwood
  • J. Nieto
  • S. Sukkarieh