III International Conference on Agricultural and Food Engineering

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March 2017
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
August 23, 2016

Online articles

Analysis of annual maximum rainfall in Kelantan, Malaysia

  • J.L. Ng
  • S. Abd Aziz
  • Y.F. Huang
  • A. Wayayok
  • M.K. Rowshon

Colour changes during deep-frying of sesame cracker's dough balls

  • S.B. Tan
  • R. Shamsudin
  • A.P. Mohammed
  • N.A. Abdul Rahman

Design and fabrication of a direct passive solar dryer for tilapia fish filets

  • E.G. Ikrang
  • A.A. Whyte
  • A.M. Maurice
  • C.O. Akubuo
  • D.I. Onwude

of maturity stages of oil palm fresh fruit bunches using multispectral imaging method

  • T. Groß
  • N. Hashim
  • S. Khairunniza-Bejo
  • S. Abd Aziz
  • M. Zude-Sasse

Developing geostatistical mapping tools for precision farming of rice

  • E. Jahanshiri
  • A.R.M. Shariff
  • S. Khairunniza-Bejo
  • A. Wayayok

Digital growth response maps for assessment of cooling requirement in greenhouse production of tomato

  • R. Shamshiri
  • H. Che Man
  • A.J. Zakaria
  • P.V. Beveren
  • W.I. Wan Ismail
  • D. Ahmad

Fundamental and empirical modelling of co-current spray drying process - a review

  • Z. Abdullah
  • F.S. Taip
  • M.K. Siti Mazlina
  • R.Z. Abdul Rahman

Inculcating herbal plots as effective cooling mechanism in urban planning

  • N.F. Othman
  • M.E. Ya'acob
  • A.S. Abdul-Rahim
  • H. Hizam
  • M.M. Farid
  • S. Abd Aziz

In vitro propagation of olive cultivars ‘Frontio’, ‘Earlik’, ‘Gemlik’

  • Q.U.A. Farooq
  • A. Fatima
  • N. Murtaza
  • F. Hussain Ferdosi

Membership function model for defining optimality of vapor pressure deficit in closed-field cultivation of tomato

  • R. Shamshiri
  • H. Che Man
  • A.J. Zakaria
  • P.V. Beveren
  • W.I. Wan Ismail
  • D. Ahmad

Physical and mechanical properties of fresh and sterilized oil palm fruitlets

  • C.J. Vincent
  • R. Shamsudin
  • A.S. Baharuddin
  • R. Yunus

Preliminary study on formation of ex situ fouling deposit from palm-based coconut milk substitute and RBD palm oil

  • N. Nordin
  • R. Karudin
  • I.H. Rosli
  • N.A. Aziz
  • F.S. Taip
  • M.A.P. Mohammed
  • N. Abdul Aziz

RGB imaging system for monitoring quality changes of seedless watermelon during storage

  • M. Mohd Ali
  • N. Hashim
  • S. Khairunniza-Bejo
  • R. Shamsudin
  • W.N.F.H. Wan Sembak

Steaming process of paddy to improve quality and reduce glycemic index of parboiled rice

  • R. Hasbullah
  • L. Pujantoro
  • S. Koswara
  • E.G. Fadhallah
  • M. Surahman

Utility of single nucleotide polymorphism markers in clonal profiling of Hevea brasiliensis

  • R. Greenhill
  • E. Mollison
  • C. Dowman
  • L. Johnson
  • S.A.M. Arif
  • B. Clavijo
  • V. Serkiova
  • S. Atan
  • M. Kolesnikova-Allen