International Symposium on GA3 Tropical Fruit (Guava, Wax Apple, Pineapple and Sugar Apple)

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June 2017
Kaohsiung County (Taiwan ROC)
April 8, 2015

Online articles

Overview on guava, pineapple, wax apple, sugar apple research and production in Vietnam

  • Nguyen Van Hoa
  • Le Quoc Dien
  • Dang Thi Kim Uyen
  • Nguyen Trinh Nhat Hang

Development of GA3 tropical fruit varieties and cultivation techniques in Taiwan

  • Wen-Li Lee
  • C.C. Huang
  • C.S. Kuan
  • S.W. Jiang
  • H.Y. Hsieh

Techniques of year-round wax apple organic production under structure

  • J.C. Shih
  • J.Z. Yu
  • S.P. Chen
  • H.D. Shih
  • T.F. Hsieh

A year-round production strategy for the wax apple in Taiwan

  • Szu-Ju Chen
  • Kuo-Tan Li
  • Der-Ming Yeh
  • Zen-Hong Shü

Temperature growth models of guava (Psidium guajava L.)

  • P.A. Chen
  • M.Y. Huang
  • S.Y. Lin
  • S.F. Roan
  • I.Z. Chen

Physiological changes of fruit and C/N ratio in sugar apples (Annona squamosa L.) under drought conditions

  • L. Kowitcharoen
  • C. Wongs-Aree
  • S. Setha
  • R. Komkhuntod
  • V. Srilaong
  • S. Kondo