VI International Conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture

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December 2017
Athens (Greece)
June 20, 2016

Online articles

Developing wildflower meadows for the enhancement of the archaeological landscape

  • E. Kanellou
  • M. Papafotiou
  • G. Economou
  • A.T. Paraskevopoulou

The establishment of a wildflower meadow "designed" for people to harvest

  • A.T. Paraskevopoulou
  • A. Spentzas
  • K. Lahaniotis
  • I. Karapanos
  • D. Perdikis
  • P. Londra

Towards resilient agro-forest systems in Mediterranean cities

  • R. Biasi
  • E. Brunori
  • P. Serra
  • L. Perini
  • L. Salvati

Ornamental and landscape plasticity and potential of Glandularia peruviana (L.) Small

  • L. Dall¿Agnese
  • C. Petry
  • E.C. Bortoluzzi
  • F.A.A.L. Backes
  • B.I. Antonello

Evaluation of the establishment of native Mediterranean plant species suggested for landscape enhancement in archaeological sites of Greece

  • M. Papafotiou
  • K.F. Bertsouklis
  • A.N. Martini
  • G. Vlachou
  • A. Akoumianaki-Ioannidou
  • E. Kanellou
  • E.D. Kartsonas

The impact of design on the environmental contribution of street trees in Kallithea, Athens

  • I. Alevizos
  • A.T. Paraskevopoulou
  • A. Kamoutsis
  • M. Psychogiou
  • P. Londra

Evaluation of two hydroponic vertical planting systems for indoor living walls under different exposure to light

  • S. Katsoulakou
  • E. Lampraki
  • I.L. Tsirogiannis
  • K. Papakonstantinou
  • P. Baltzoi
  • G. Karras

Gardens for seniors - a case study in nursing homes in Milan (Italy)

  • N. Fumagalli
  • G. Senes
  • C. Ferrara
  • A. Giornelli
  • S. Rodiek
  • E. Bardenhagen

Phytosociology and soil attributes in an Araucaria forest in southern Brazil

  • R.V. Aguiar
  • C. Petry
  • E. Scolari
  • G. Lima
  • E.C. Bortoluzzi

Soilless cultivation in urban gardens for reduced potentially toxic elements (PTEs) contamination risk

  • G. Pennisi
  • D. Gasperi
  • S. Mancarella
  • L. Vittori Antisari
  • G. Vianello
  • F. Orsini
  • G. Gianquinto

Organic vertical gardening for urban communities

  • S. Nwosisi
  • D. Nandwani
  • S. Chowdhury

United States National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture: a strategic plan

  • L.K. Bradley
  • T. Bewick
  • E.M. Bauske
  • G.A. Langellotto
  • N.R. Bumgarner

Risk assessment of Celtis australis affected by Inonotus rickii in Lisbon town

  • A.P. Ramos
  • F. Maia
  • B. Ferreira
  • T. Valada
  • P. Soares
  • M.F. Caetano
  • A. Fabião

Promoting wild plants in urban landscaping: a case study from Sri Lanka

  • S.A.E.C Wijesinghe
  • K. Yakandawala
  • W.A.I.P Karunarathne

Evaluation of Cynodon dactylon germplasm as turfgrass use in southern Italy

  • R. Viggiani
  • V. Marchione
  • G. Potenza
  • S. Lovelli
  • V. Candido

Metal(oid)s contamination in rural and urban vegetable gardens of Teresina (Brazil)

  • S. Mancarella
  • G. Pennisi
  • D. Gasperi
  • V. Loges
  • C.W.A. do Nascimento
  • L. Vittori Antisari
  • G. Vianello
  • F. Orsini
  • G. Gianquinto

Designing with wild plants for maximizing insect richness in urban areas

  • S.A.E.C. Wijesinghe
  • W.A.I.P. Karunarathne
  • K. Yakandawala

Germplasm of medicinal and aromatic plant species in the Parco della Favorita in Palermo city (Sicily, Italy)

  • T. Tuttolomondo
  • S. La Bella
  • G. Venturella
  • M.L. Gargano
  • C. Leto
  • G. Virga
  • M.C. Gennaro
  • M. Licata

Assessment of the pollutants from stormwater runoff depending on land use in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • P.I. Boancă
  • E. Luca
  • O. Matei
  • A. Pintescu
  • A. Dumitraş
  • L. Luca
  • S. Bors-Oprișa
  • E. Laczi

Effects of recycled and grey water on the growth of ornamental shrubs used in urban green spaces of north-western Greece

  • K. Fotia
  • A.T. Paraskevopoulou
  • P. Baltzoi
  • C. Lykas
  • G. Patakioutas
  • G. Gizas
  • G. Karras