VII International Conference on Managing Quality in Chains (MQUIC2017) and II International Symposium on Ornamentals in association with XIII International Protea Research Symposium

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April 2018
Stellenbosch (South Africa)
September 4, 2017

Online articles

Pre-harvest 'Tree Fresh' spray treatment reduces disease incidence and extends the harvesting season of 'TJC' mango grown in Sri Lanka

  • I.G.N. Hewajulige
  • R.S. Wilson Wijeratnam
  • R.M.S.I. Gunethilaka
  • M.M.N.P. Gunesekara
  • M.G.D.S. Perera
  • G. Paliyath
  • S. Jayasankar

Detection of plant diseases using biosensors: a review

  • N.J.K. Madufor
  • W.J. Perold
  • U.L. Opara

Evolution of quality attributes in pomegranate peel and arils during fruit maturation

  • R.R. Mphahlele
  • M.N. van Rensburg
  • F.M. Mokapane
  • O.A. Fawole
  • U.L. Opara

Factors affecting quality of Lansium domesticum to be exported from Thailand to China

  • J. Siriphanich
  • Y. Palapol
  • P. Labboriboon
  • P. Songpram
  • P. Taesakul
  • O. Pluemjit
  • P. Roonpraphan
  • J. Khunprom
  • T. Nattapoonwat

Horticultural packaging systems of the future: improving reefer container usage

  • T.M. Berry
  • T. Defraeye
  • A. Ambaw
  • C. Coetzee
  • U.L. Opara

Computer aided analysis of gas exchange in pear fruit packages during long distance transport

  • M.A. Delele
  • W. Gruyters
  • S. Rogge
  • N. Bessemans
  • A. Schenk
  • M.L. Hertog
  • S. Vanmaercke
  • H. Ramon
  • P. Verboven
  • B.M. Nicolai

'Fuji' apple internal browning explored via X-ray computed tomography (CT)

  • K. Chigwaya
  • L. Schoeman
  • W.J. Fourie
  • I. Crouch
  • D. Viljoen
  • E.M. Crouch

Novel approach for measuring sugar and acidity non-destructively in whole table grape bunches

  • A.J. Daniels
  • U.L. Opara
  • C. Poblete-Echeverría
  • H.H. Nieuwoudt

Influence of canopy position on the microstructural parameters of 'Forelle' pears and its link to mealiness

  • W.J. Fourie
  • L. Schoeman
  • R.J. Cronje
  • K.I. Theron
  • W.J. Steyn
  • E.M. Crouch

Effect of long-term storage on physiology of cut roses

  • E. Woltering
  • M. Paillart
  • E. Drosou
  • B. Brouwer

Promotion of flowering in waratahs (Telopea speciosissima)

  • R. McConchie
  • A. Bokshi
  • C. Dillon
  • C.A. Offord
  • E.W. Hoffman

Cytogenetic development in the genus Lachenalia

  • C. Volschenk
  • P. Spies
  • J.J. Spies

The results of different methods used in breeding of perennial flower cultivars in the Nikita Botanical Gardens

  • Yu.V. Plugatar
  • Z.K. Klimenko
  • I.V. Ulanovskaya
  • V.K. Zykova
  • L.M. Alexandrova
  • N.V. Zubkova
  • N.V. Smykova
  • S.A. Plugatar
  • Z.P. Andriushenkova

Study of genetic diversity and heterosis in new hybrids of Iris germanica

  • M.H. Azimi
  • M. Firouzi
  • F. Hasanzadeh Davarani
  • F. Bakhtiyari

Breeding variation based on seed traits in Iris germanica

  • M. Firouzi
  • M.H. Azimi
  • F. Hasanzadeh Davarani
  • F. Bakhteyari

An in vitro seed germination protocol for Plukenetia volubilis L.

  • N. Kodahl
  • C.R. García-Dávila
  • D. Cachique
  • M. Sørensen
  • H. Lütken

Some morphological and physiological features of chrysanthemum under in vitro culture

  • V.A. Brailko
  • O.V. Mitrofanova
  • N.V. Smykova
  • I.V. Mitrofanova

Thai and Malaysian home garden

  • P. Sangthong
  • S. Siriphanich

Rambling roses in the landscape of the southern coast of the Crimea: historical traditions of their use

  • Yu.V. Plugatar
  • Z.K. Klimenko
  • S.A. Plugatar
  • V.K. Zykova
  • I.N. Kravchenko