International Symposia on Tropical and Temperate Horticulture - ISTTH2016

Online articles

Horticultural biodiversity to attain sustainable food and nutrition security

  • S. Padulosi
  • B. Sthapit
  • H. Lamers
  • G. Kennedy
  • D. Hunter

Value chain for tropical wet forests: a possible model

  • S. Castro
  • J. Barrera
  • M. Carrillo
  • D. Guerrero
  • M.S. Hernández

Contribution of vegetables to household diets along the urban-rural continuum in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

  • T. Chagomoka
  • A. Drescher
  • G. Nyandoro
  • V. Afari-Sefa
  • J. Schlesinger
  • E.B. Nchanji

Reducing postharvest losses using modified atmosphere packaging bags for African nightshade (Solanum scabrum Mill.) leaves

  • E.O. Gogo
  • B. Trierweiler
  • A.M. Opiyo
  • L. Frommherz
  • M. Frechen
  • C. Ulrichs
  • S. Huyskens-Keil

Introducing new open pollinated tomato cultivars in the Solomon Islands and Fiji for improved livelihoods and nutrition

  • E. Iramu
  • T. Pitakia
  • M. Mua
  • M. Furlong
  • A. Banuve
  • F. Beed
  • F. Atumurirava
  • M. Gharuka
  • J.D.H. Keatinge

Gender challenges in horticultural research in Ethiopia and Madagascar

  • S.M. Nischalke
  • M. Abebe
  • B. Assefa
  • G.B. Keding
  • S.K. Kriesemer
  • N. Randrianarison
  • T. Beuchelt

New chimney dryer design results in faster drying due to higher air speeds

  • A.I. Deltsidis
  • A. Mukherjee
  • M.R. Islam
  • L. Wheeler
  • E. Mitcham
  • J. Thompson
  • M.S. Reid

Tomato seeds increase its germination speed by oxigenation of imbibition water

  • E. Vidal-Lezama
  • G. Carrillo-Castañeda
  • C. Pérez-Mendoza
  • E. Ortiz-García

Research to impact: the World Vegetable Center's household garden model

  • P. Schreinemachers
  • S. Brown
  • R. Roothaert
  • C. Makamto Sobgui
  • S.H. Toure

The route to the development of basal stem rot resistance in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) via the discovery of lignin degradation process in the pathogen Ganoderma boninense

  • Joon Sheong Tan
  • Yang Ping Lee
  • S. Sulaiman
  • L. Camus-Kulandaivelu
  • C. Klopp
  • M. Mercière
  • F. Breton
  • T. Durand-Gasselin
  • S.S.R. Syed Alwee

Effect of storage temperature and time on volatile profile of fresh-squeezed Thai lime juice

  • N. Suwannaprom
  • S. Keeratipibul
  • S. Boonbumrung
  • P. Ngamchuachit

Evaluation of various methods to break dormancy of potato (Solanum tuberosum L. 'Granola') minitubers

  • L.B. Secretaria
  • M.L.A. Molejon
  • E.R.V. Bayogan
  • A.T. Lacap
  • J.H. Ekman

Trimming losses in Chinese cabbage

  • E.R.V. Bayogan
  • L.B. Secretaria
  • C.D.S. Lubaton
  • K.B. Barbin
  • M.S. Luayon
  • J.H. Ekman

Plant Resources Center and the Vietnamese Genebank System

  • Tran Thi Thu Hoai
  • K.E. Hummer
  • La Tuan Nghia

Historical, cultural and landscaped gardens rescue of Serro, Minas Gerais, Brazil

  • R. Brito Sousa
  • P. Duarte de Oliveira Paiva
  • A. Silva Mundim
  • S.F. Nogueira da Silva Cavalcante Alves
  • R. Magalhães Ferraz
  • C. Souza Gontijo Garcia

Analysis of historical and landscaping evolution of Expedicionarios Square at São João del Rei - MG, Brazil

  • A. Silva Mundim
  • P. Duarte de Oliveria Paiva
  • S.F. Nogueira da Silva Cavalcante Alves
  • R. Brito Sousa
  • R. Magalhães Ferraz
  • F.L. Bonifácio
  • C. Souza Gontijo Garcia

Apple cultivar evaluations for cider making in Vermont, USA

  • T.L. Bradshaw
  • S.L. Kingsley-Richards
  • J. Foster

Disease susceptibility of cold-climate grapes in Vermont, USA

  • A.L. Hazelrigg
  • T.L. Bradshaw
  • G.S. Maia
  • S.L. Kingsley-Richards
  • L.P. Berkett

Development of a global conservation strategy for coffee genetic resources

  • S. Krishnan
  • P. Bramel
  • D. Horna
  • B. Lainoff
  • C. Montagnon
  • T. Schilling

Using tangential microfiltration to produce a beverage from asaí (Euterpe precatoria)

  • M.S. Hernández
  • D.A. Revelo
  • R. Diaz
  • R.H. Gutiérrez-Bravo
  • M. Lares
  • J.P. Fernández-Trujillo

Functional beverages made from Amazonian fruits

  • M.S. Hernández
  • D.A. Revelo
  • R.H. Gutiérrez-Bravo
  • J.P. Fernández-Trujillo

Use of a response surface method for the enzymatic treatment of copoazú pulp (Theobroma grandiflorum)

  • M.S. Hernández
  • R. Diaz
  • R.H. Gutiérrez-Bravo
  • J.P. Fernández-Trujillo

Effect of leaf removal on grape and wine composition in 'Merlot'

  • B.P. Holzapfel
  • J. Blackman
  • D.H. Greer
  • M. Stoll

Diurnal root growth dynamics in mature grapevines

  • K.P. Mahmud
  • J.P. Smith
  • S.Y. Rogiers
  • Y. Guisard
  • S. Nielson
  • B.P. Holzapfel

Variation in floral and growth traits in a macadamia breeding population

  • K.M. O¿Connor
  • C.M. Hardner
  • M.M. Alam
  • B.J. Hayes
  • B.L. Topp

Variation in precocity in a macadamia breeding population

  • M.M. Alam
  • E. Howell
  • C.M. Hardner
  • B.L. Topp

MicroRNA control of flowering and annual crop cycle in tropical/subtropical horticultural trees

  • M.U. Ahsan
  • A. Hayward
  • R. Powell
  • J. Wilkie
  • C. Beveridge
  • N. Mitter

RNAi-based management for Fusarium wilt of banana

  • S. Fei
  • M. Constantin
  • J. Peters
  • J. Batley
  • E. Aitken
  • N. Mitter

Temperature, photoperiod and colored shade nets on the in vitro development of Physalis peruviana L.

  • J.R.M. Figueiredo
  • P.D.O. Paiva
  • R. Paiva
  • C.V.N. Faria
  • R.F. Therezan
  • M.V. Reis
  • D.P.C. Silva

Strategies for maintaining and increasing throughput of in vitro cultures of sugarcane

  • S.J. Snyman
  • M. Banasiak
  • P. Mhlanga
  • E. Mupanehari
  • M.P. Watt

Temporal profile of juvenility-associated microRNAs during tissue culture of avocado

  • J.C.A. Hiti Bandaralage
  • A. Hayward
  • C. O¿Brien
  • N. Mitter

Study on an AAGV suitable for the operation of the narrow site

  • Dongxing Li
  • Yunlong Bu
  • Zengchan Zhou
  • Dong Zhang
  • Xiaowen Zhang
  • Jieqiang Zhuo

Medical cannabis

  • M.A. Nichols

Protected cultivation of strawberries in New Zealand

  • M.A. Nichols
  • D.I. Duggan-Jones
  • C.B. Christie

Fruit quality and yield of 'Imperial Gala' apple trees protected by anti-hail nets of different colorations in southern Brazil

  • C.V.T. do Amarante
  • M.C. Stanger
  • M.C. Coldebella
  • J.C. Vilvert
  • A. dos Santos
  • C.A. Steffens

Guava cultivars of the world

  • S.K. Mitra
  • K.S. Thingreingam Irenaeus

Araza: a proposal for an innovative snack

  • M.S. Hernández
  • R.H. Gutiérrez-Bravo
  • Y. Quiñones
  • S. Medina
  • J.P. Fernández-Trujillo

Functional properties of feijoa fruit cultivated in southern Brazil

  • C.V.T. do Amarante
  • A.G. Souza
  • T.D.T. Beninca
  • C.A. Steffens