XXX International Horticultural Congress IHC2018: II International Symposium on Soilless Culture and VIII International Symposium on Seed, Transplant and Stand Establishment of Horticultural Crops

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March 2020
Istanbul (Turkey)
August 12, 2018

Online articles

Particle density of substrate components measured by gas pycnometer

  • P.C. Bartley
  • A. Amoozegar
  • W.C. Fonteno
  • B.E. Jackson

Effects of salinity on iceberg lettuce production in floating hydroponics

  • A. Gul
  • G.B. Oztekin
  • Y. Tuzel
  • İ.H. Tuzel
  • M. Tepecik

Zero liquid discharge in soilless greenhouse horticulture: solutions to save water and the environment while ensuring an optimal production

  • E.A. van Os
  • E.A.M. Beerling
  • C. Blok
  • R. Leyh
  • J.P.M. van Ruijven
  • M. van der Staaij
  • J. Janse
  • R. Kaarsemaker
  • W. Roosen

Strategy to minimise nitrogen load to finish a zero discharge cultivation

  • R. Leyh
  • E.A. van Os
  • C. Blok
  • J.P.M. van Ruijven
  • R. Kaarsemaker

Implementation of purification equipment for removal of plant protection products from horticultural discharge water

  • J.P.M. van Ruijven
  • E.A. van Os
  • M. van der Staaij
  • B. Eveleens-Clark
  • E.A.M. Beerling

Effects of boron foliar sprays on tomato cultivation

  • W.P. Sturião
  • J.J. Lucena
  • H.E.P. Martinez
  • S. López-Rayo

Effect of calcium on pistachio (Pistacia vera L. 'Siirt') seedling growth

  • N. Aslan
  • K. Sarpkaya
  • N. Kalkancı
  • T. Simsek
  • A. Yılmaz

Characterization of nutrient disorders of Dieffenbachia maculata

  • P. Cockson
  • D. Cockson
  • I. McCall
  • B.E. Whipker

Hydroponic forcing of saffron (Crocus sativus L.)

  • F.-G. Schroeder
  • D.R. Lozoya
  • P. Ruser

Seed germination and emergence of two Cyrtanthus species

  • N.N. Sibande
  • R. Kleynhans
  • B. Matsiliza-Mlathi

Microbial seed coating as a tool to enhance crop growth and stress tolerance

  • M. Vosátka
  • I. Rocha
  • Y. Ma
  • E.B. Švecová
  • R. Oliveira

Changes in melatonin content of pepper seeds during storage

  • G. Yakupoğlu
  • Ş. Köklü
  • A. Karaca
  • E. Düver
  • A. Klicic
  • A. Korkmaz