IV International Conference on Postharvest and Quality Management of Horticultural Products of Interest for Tropical Regions

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April 2020
Kandy (Sri Lanka)
April 6, 2017

Online articles

Temperature and packing influence in storage of minimally processed pineapple and papaya

  • P.C.C. Lima
  • P. Calvo
  • P.S. Souza
  • B.M. Vilas Boas
  • B.S. Souza

Eco friendly packaging material from banana pseudo stem for transportation of fruits and vegetables

  • M.D. Yoga Milani
  • D.S. Samarawickrama
  • P.S.D. Perera
  • R.S. Wilson Wijeratnam
  • I.G.N. Hewajulige

Improving the preharvest application of resveratrol and 6-benzylaminopurine technique to reduce postharvest fruit softness in cherimoya

  • J. Salomon-Castaño
  • O. Franco-Mora
  • A.A. Morales
  • A. Castañeda-Vildózola
  • J.M. Villarreal-Fuentes
  • J.R. Sánchez-Pale

Analysis of dilemma in horticultural co-branding

  • T. Perdana
  • F. Rahayu Hermiatin
  • S. Sanjaya

Production of spirals from Dracaena sanderiana canes as value added products

  • H.P.T.L. Sewwandi
  • H.K.L.K. Gunasekera
  • S.A. Krishnarajah

Effect of vermiwash on the productivity of Gerbera jamesonii L. compared to chemical fertilizer

  • S.A.A.U. Subasinghe
  • R.H.A.W. Ruvini
  • A.N. Nanayakkara
  • M.C. Wickramasinghe
  • S.A. Krishnarajah

A low-cost fruit ripening chamber

  • K.H. Pujari
  • V.B. Mehta
  • V. Jogalekar

1-MCP (methylcyclopropene) successfully delays the ripening of 'Ambul' banana at ambient conditions

  • W.M.C.B. Wasala
  • C.K. Beneragama
  • C.A.K. Dissanayake
  • C.R. Gunawardhane
  • R.M.N.A. Wijewardhane
  • K.H. Sarananada

Introduction of plastic crates to vegetable wholesalers in major economic centers in Sri Lanka: why do people refuse it?

  • C.A.K. Dissanayake
  • W.M.C.B. Wasala
  • C.R. Gunawardhane
  • R.M.N.A. Wijewardhane
  • M.M. Herath
  • C.K. Beneragama

Performance of selected cut flower and cut foliage species as affected by silicon-based postharvest treatments

  • D.M.P.S. Dissanayake
  • K.C.S. Kulathilaka
  • R.H.M.K. Ratnayake
  • A.A.T.B. Amarasinghe

Crowd sourcing for value chain management: a case of market decision support system in Sri Lankan agriculture market

  • W.M.T.B. Weddagala
  • B.M.R.L. Basnayake
  • H.M.L. Wijesekara
  • N.R.D.S. Dharmathilaka
  • K.K.A. Kiriveldeniya
  • A.S. Karunaratne
  • D.A.M. De Silva

Value chain analysis of underutilized crops of different farming systems in Sri Lanka

  • T.M. Liyanagamage
  • D.A.M. De Silva
  • A.S. Karunaratne
  • P. O'Reilly
  • H. Nilmalgoda

Black and white faces of banana value chain in Sri Lanka: a case study

  • I.C. Hettiarachchi
  • D.A.M. De Silva
  • A.S. Karunaratne

Present status of Sri Lankan vegetable exports and imports: where are we heading?

  • C.L.S.M. Karunarathne
  • W.M.T.P. Ariyaratne
  • C.K. Beneragama

Critical analysis of the status of fruit crop industry in Sri Lanka

  • J.T.K.H. Gamage
  • C.K. Beneragama
  • C.L.S.M. Karunarathne
  • W.M.T.P. Ariyaratne