XXX International Horticultural Congress IHC2018: VII Conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture, IV Conference on Turfgrass Management and Science for Sports Fields and II Symposium on Mechanization, Precision Horticulture, and Robotics

Online articles

Perceptions of hospital patients and staff, a tool to inform the design of healing gardens

  • A.T. Paraskevopoulou
  • Α. Papadopoulou
  • Α. Kantartzis
  • Α. Papadopoulou

The potential use of a wildflower meadow in a vineyard to enhance the local rural landscape character

  • A.T. Paraskevopoulou
  • E. Pappous
  • K.F. Bertsouklis
  • K. Biniari
  • I. Daskalakis
  • D. Perdikis

Managing urban greening for improving well-being in European cities

  • L. Battisti
  • L. Pille
  • F. Larcher
  • S. Butenschön
  • I. Säumel

Urban home garden design in Ga-Rankuwa, City of Tshwane, South Africa

  • M. Jansen van Vuuren
  • W.B. Van Averbeke
  • M.M. Slabbert

Using greenhouse to simulate urban conditions for plants experimentations

  • E. Chantoiseau
  • P.E. Bournet
  • S. Sakr
  • F. Rodriguez
  • P. Cannavo
  • L. Huché-Thelier

Evaluation of vegetative bermudagrasses for traffic tolerance

  • S. Sever Mutlu
  • D. Irkörücü
  • B. Sancar
  • T. Bahar

Establishment phase characteristics of Brazilian native grasses for use in turfgrass

  • S.Á.C. Gomes da Silva
  • A.G. dos Santos
  • S.S.L. Silva
  • F.H.D. de Souza
  • V. Loges

Selection of Axonopus and Paspalum accessions based on vegetative propagules tolerance to low temperature storage

  • A.G. dos Santos
  • S.Á.C. Gomes da Silva
  • S.S.L. Silva
  • F.H.D. de Souza
  • A.C.R. Castro
  • V. Loges

Taxonomic classification and identification of fine leaved fescues collected from Eastern Anatolia of Turkey using flow cytometer

  • G. Savas Tuna
  • E.C. Yilmaz
  • N. Ulutas
  • B. Sahin
  • I. Nizam
  • G. Yucel
  • E. Cabi
  • S. Sever Mutlu
  • M. Tuna

Is machine learning efficient for mango yield estimation when used under heterogeneous field conditions?

  • J. Sarron
  • C.A.B. Sané
  • P. Borianne
  • E. Malézieux
  • T. Nordey
  • F. Normand
  • P. Diatta
  • Y. Niang
  • E. Faye

Comparing deep-learning networks for apple fruit detection to classical hard-coded algorithms

  • K. Bresilla
  • G.D. Perulli
  • A. Boini
  • B. Morandi
  • L.C. Grappadelli
  • L. Manfrini

RGB imaging for monitoring quality parameters of sweet potato during drying

  • D.I. Onwude
  • N. Hashim
  • K. Abdan
  • R. Janius
  • S.N. Che Adan
  • A. Jalaluddin

Vision-based system for detecting grapevine yellow diseases using artificial intelligence

  • Y. Ampatzidis
  • A. Cruz
  • R. Pierro
  • A. Materazzi
  • A. Panattoni
  • L. De Bellis
  • A. Luvisi

Proximal detection using robotics for vineyard monitoring: a concept

  • C. Poblete-Echeverría
  • A.E. Strever
  • Y. Barnard
  • M.A. Vivier

Detection of crop water status using UAV mounted sensor

  • J. Coulombe
  • P. Brown
  • S. White
  • C. Xu
  • R. Koech