I International Conference and X National Horticultural Science Congress of Iran (IrHC2017)

Online articles

Propagation of walnuts by summer inoculation

  • S. Khokhlov
  • V. Baskakova
  • E. Panyushkina
  • V. Melnikov

Prospects for the use of European peach cultivars in Nikita Botanical Gardens

  • O. Fedorova
  • A. Smykov
  • Iu. Ivashchenko
  • N.V. Mesyats
  • T. Shishova

Evaluation of new nectarine cultivars for growing in the Crimea

  • S. Tsiupka
  • E. Shoferistov
  • Iu. Ivashchenko

Native cultivars of sour and sweet cherries in Croatia: main characteristics and potential of production in marginal areas

  • A. Vokurka
  • V. Židovec
  • N. Jeran
  • K. Karlović
  • H. Li
  • B. Duralija
  • J. Wang
  • D. Dujmović Purgar
  • S. Bolarić

Transient expression of HDA19 recombinant protein in Nicotiana benthamiana

  • M. Jamshidnia
  • S.K. Kazemitabar
  • C. Lindermayr
  • H. Najafi Zarini

Potato seed certification scheme in Iran

  • M. Naderpour
  • R. Shahbazi
  • F. Ramazani
  • O. Khaleseh
  • F. Hassani

Evaluation of auto-fertility in some Iranian promising apricot cultivars

  • R. Gharesheikhbayat
  • J. Dejampour
  • E. Ganji Moghaddam

Banana industry of Pakistan: opportunities and challenges

  • A. Muhammad
  • I. Hussain
  • K. Ali
  • M.Z. Hyder
  • N. Faqir
  • M.M. Shahid
  • G.M. Ali

Structure of vegetative organs in essential oil rose under standard culture conditions and long-term conservation in vitro

  • I.V. Mitrofanova
  • V.A. Brailko
  • N.P. Lesnikova-Sedoshenko
  • N.N. Ivanova
  • O.V. Mitrofanova

Evaluation of cold tolerance of almond cultivars and genotypes in open flower stage

  • N. Hadavand
  • A. Imani
  • M. Esnaashari
  • A. Ershadi
  • R. Haghjooyan

Salinity map of the root zone of tomato plant under saltwater

  • H. Kaman
  • A. Kurunç
  • H. Demir
  • A. Tezcan
  • A. Sayıcı
  • M. Can
  • U. Gökçen

The reaction of pepper plant to deficit irrigation

  • H. Kaman
  • A. Tezcan
  • A. Sayıcı
  • M. Can
  • U. Gökçen

Orchards management for reducing pomegranate aril browning disorder

  • M. Kavand
  • K. Arzani
  • M. Barzegar
  • M. Mirlatifi

Fatty acid composition of lipids of Juglans regia L. fruits cultivated in Crimea

  • S. Khokhlov
  • E. Panyushkina
  • V. Vasipov
  • A. Petrov
  • E. Chupahin
  • I. Kruchina-Bogdanov
  • I. Gorbunov