V Asia Symposium on Quality Management in Postharvest Systems

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March 2022
Bangkok (Thailand)
December 1, 2021

Online articles

Herbal based ripening stimulant accelerated the ripening of banana (Musa acuminata ‘Embul’)

  • H.M.N.S. Herath
  • W.A.H. Champa
  • O.D.A.N. Perera
  • R.G.S. Wijesekara

Combined effects of hot water and Eucalyptus leaf extract on the storability of Cyprus local mandarin

  • İ. Kahramanoğlu
  • S. Aldağ
  • K. Umar
  • M. Helvacı
  • T. Alas
  • S. Usanmaz
  • M.A. Aşkın
  • V. Okatan
  • C. Wan

‘Carabao’ mango quality is affected by preharvest bagging at two maturity stages and subsequent hot water treatment

  • L.B. Secretaria
  • E.R.V. Bayogan
  • M.A.J. Urquiola
  • R.T. Esconde
  • S.G. De Faveri
  • P. Johnson

Efficacy of citral vapour in controlling citrus green mould

  • M.M. Rahman
  • R.B.H. Wills
  • M.C. Bowyer
  • J.B. Golding
  • T. Kirkman
  • P. Pristijono

Curcuminoids extraction from turmeric (Curcuma longa) using ultrasound-assisted extraction as anti-browning agents

  • N. Kaisangsri
  • N. Laohakunjit
  • A. Uthairatanakij
  • O. Selamassakul
  • R. Kaprasob
  • P. Chapromma

Dormancy breaking of G-0 ‘Granola’ potato minitubers as affected by GA3 and size

  • M.A.J. Urquiola
  • E.R.V. Bayogan
  • A.G.D. Delima
  • R.G. Abad

Effect of oxalic acid on quality parameters of holy basil

  • I. Lichanporn
  • N. Nanthachai
  • P. Tangnaurat
  • P. Akkarakultron

Development of electrospun nanofibers containing methyl jasmonate for applying in postharvest fruit and vegetables

  • C. Kebngon
  • V. Srilaong
  • P. Penchaiya
  • S. Supapvanich
  • R. Tepsorn
  • P. Boonyaritthongchai

Whey protein incorporated with olive oil as novel edible coating for fresh cut pineapples

  • A. Uthairatanakij
  • Y.H. Wote
  • N. Laohakunjit
  • P. Jitareerat
  • N. Kaisangsri

Changing of antioxidant activity of butterfly pea flower in modified atmosphere packaging

  • N. Suntipabvivattana
  • K. Ratchaun
  • W. Tongdeesuntorn
  • P. Suthiluk

Effect of hot water treatment and prochloraz on the postharvest quality of ‘Carabao’ mango

  • L.B. Secretaria
  • M.A.J. Urquiola
  • E.R.V. Bayogan
  • S.G. De Faveri
  • P. Johnson