About Temperate Tree Fruits

The Division Temperate Tree Fruits is composed of eleven Working Groups organized to foster collaboration among scientists and promote research and technological advances pertaining to major and some minor tree fruit crops grown in temperate regions of the world. Each Working Group organizes symposia (usually meeting at four-year intervals) that are focused on advances in understanding of the biology, physiology, ecology and genetics of the crops, as well as new developments in cultivar breeding and evaluation, orchard management and fruit postharvest handling. These symposia offer ideal opportunities for researchers from around the globe who are working with specific temperate tree fruit species to learn what others are doing, network, exchange ideas, develop collaborations and visit growing areas in different parts of the world. They provide especially good opportunities for researchers who are new to specific fruit tree crops to gain a perspective on the problems and opportunities for research on those crops.

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Prof. Luca Corelli Grappadelli
Department of Agricultural Sciences
Università di Bologna
Via Fanin 46
40127 Bologna