About Landscape and Urban Horticulture

The Division Landscape and Urban Horticulture (DURB) groups together ISHS members working on topics related to plant cultivation in cities and towns. Research topics addressed include, among others, innovative farming systems (also with reference to building-integrated agriculture), biodiversity, business models and contamination studies, as well as landscaping and multifunctional urban agriculture. DURB is also a multi-disciplinary group that integrates disciplines ranging from agronomy and horticulture, ecophysiology, soil sciences, social sciences, landscaping and architecture, engineering, urban planning and health-related sciences toward the comprehension of the multi-faceted aspects associated with urban green infrastructures. Since 2018, DURB promotes the organization of the international student challenge UrbanFarm.

To join this Division sign in to your ISHS user account, navigate to "Divisions/Commissions" and tick the box "Member" next to "Division Landscape and Urban Horticulture" before confirming the update with the button in the bottom of the page.

Dr. Francesco Orsini
University of Bologna
Viale fanin, 44
Bologna 40127