About Vaccinium Species and Management

The Working Group Vaccinium Species and Management operates under the Division Vine and Berry Fruits. This Working Group was formed to address all aspects of Vaccinium spp. production and management. The Working Group has about 500 members covering diverse disciplines across 59 countries. Plants in the Vaccinium genus include several species of blueberry, cranberry, lingonberry and others. The fruits produced by these crops have a range of tastes from sweet to tart and are generally known for their bioactive health compounds. Vaccinium spp. crops are currently grown all over the world and production continues to expand at a rapid rate. Those species not commercially cultivated are important as understory shrubs and as food for wildlife. The purpose of this group's activities is to bring together academics, researchers, extension agents, and other disciplines for 'fruitful' discussions and collaboration.

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Prof. Dr. David Percival
Dalhousie University
Department of Plant, Food, and
Environmental Sciences
PO Box 550, Truro, NS B2N 5E3