About Kiwifruit Culture and Management

Kiwifruit (Actinidia spp.) are grown in more than 30 different countries. In addition, total kiwifruit production is increasing every year. This Working Group includes all research disciplines related to kiwifruit, including, but not limited to: vine physiology, growing techniques, breeding and genetics, pests and diseases, nutrition and water management, postharvest physiology and management, and smart agricultural techniques.

The Working Group has members working on kiwifruit from more than 40 countries around the world. The Working Group plays an active role in organizing scientific activities such as symposia, workshops, and field visits, which are held in different countries where kiwifruit are grown. As well as delegates sharing their latest research, these meetings provide an opportunity for delegates to organize new collaborative projects that can make a significant contribution to the solution of problems. In addition, there is a particular emphasis on reaching out to young researchers who have just started their careers in kiwifruit research. We believe that this Working Group will become more active with your valuable suggestions and contributions.

We encourage all those involved in kiwifruit research to join and become actively involved in this group.

To join this Working Group sign in to your ISHS user account, navigate to "Workgroups and mailing lists" and tick the box "Member" next to "Workgroup Kiwifruit Culture and Management" before confirming the update with the button in the bottom of the page.

Assoc. Prof. Arif Atak
Horticultural Central Research Institute
Department of Viticulture&Kiwifruit
77102 Yalova