About Grape Genetics, Physiology and Management

The Working Group Grape Genetics, Physiology and Management is a diverse collection of researchers and other interested people, who focus on answering two fundamental and interrelated questions: "How do grapevines grow?" and "How do you grow grapevines?" From the molecular through to whole-plant function, researchers investigate a broad scope of topics including new cultivar development, gene/cell/tissue/organ structure and function, and plant-environment interactions with the goal of optimizing grape production. Symposia are typically organized every four years and provide ideal opportunities for international exchange of research results, and new ideas, while simultaneously fostering transdisciplinary collaboration in different growing regions around the world.

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Dr. Alexander Levin
Oregon State University, Horticulture
S. Oregon Research & Extension Center
569 Hanley Rd.
Central Point, OR 97502
United States of America