About Protected Cultivation, Nettings and Screens for Mild Climates

The Working Group Protected Cultivation, Nettings and Screens for Mild Climates is aimed at anyone interested in studying and/or developing innovative strategies for management, irrigation and nutrition of protected and semi-protected crops. It organizes symposia in different locations around the world for researchers, industry, commodity groups, growers, outreach specialists, and graduate students who are interested in this topic, to meet, share latest findings and network.

The environmental impacts of climate change and unpredictable weather conditions provide a challenge for combating abiotic stresses and for the management of sustainable systems, including pest management and climate control. In collaboration with R&D teams from the agro-industrial sector, our group embraces new, multidisciplinary research approaches to advance our scientific knowledge. The increasing pressure to produce food more efficiently as resources become more limited, results in bigger constraints for horticultural production in areas of mild climates, so they become more vulnerable. Our work focuses on promoting novel horticultural knowledge and fostering new ideas and solutions expected to emerge from our symposia, while bringing together innovative results from experimentation and frontier research relevant to mild climates. Thus, the significance of our crop diversity and the continuous effort to improve our agrotechnology systems are expected to mitigate the effect of the extreme climatic variability. Indeed, under this challenging scenario, the value of new research in the area of protected cultivation, netting and screens will become a paramount pillar to maintain our agroindustry and preserve our social, economic and environmental values.

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Dr. Francisco Moisés Del Amor Saavedra
Instituto Murciano de Investigación y
Desarrollo Agrario (IMIDA)
C./Mayor s/n. La Alberca
30150 Murcia