About Beverage Crops

The Working Group Beverage Crops is relevant to anyone interested in all aspects of beverage crop production and processing. These crops include fruits and nuts, vegetables, vine and berry fruit, as well as plants from which leaves, flowers or roots are used to produce beverages. The processing requirements of the various beverages range from fresh juices to extracts and fermentations. Some beverages are widely consumed, such as coffee, tea, beer and wine, and are embedded in different cultures. In contrast, other beverages are not common nor widely consumed, such as milk-like fluids produced from almonds and soya, although these are becoming important beverages. Additionally, herbal teas or minor juices are often considered important for health as they contain sources of natural bioactive compounds. The aim is to present this diversity, to create linkages and synergies that will enhance communication across these beverage industries. The Working Group organizes symposia, to enable networking and sharing of latest scientific results. The first symposium on beverage crops was held in 2016 in Cairns (Australia), the second was held in the city of Xi'an in China in 2018 and attracted a substantial increase in attendees.

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