About Growing Substrates

The Working Group Growing Substrates organizes symposia, which are mainly focused on:

  • Advances in sustainable production, processing and use of growing media constituents,
  • Novel inorganic and organic materials, such as soilless media, and impact of novel substrates on crop production,
  • Advances in methodology for physical and chemical properties of growing media,
  • Microbial diversity, resilience and disease suppression in substrates,
  • Management of water and nutrient requirements of growing media,
  • Use of composted end-products, such as components of growing media,
  • Weed, pest and disease control in growing media,
  • Advances in growing media additives,
  • Sustainability in soilless production systems,
  • Advances in peat use sustainability,
  • Life cycle assessment of growing media and components,
  • Specification, development and use of "urban" substrates (e.g. for roof gardens, green walls),
  • Horticultural use of materials from bioenergy processes and biofactories (biochar, digestate, etc.),
  • New regulations on growing media.

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Dr. Jean-Charles Michel
L¿Institut Agro - Agrocampus Ouest
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