About Balkan Vegetable and Potato Production

Small but fine – that is how we characterize our Working Group (WG). The WG Balkan Vegetable and Potato Production is operating under the Division Vegetables, Roots and Tubers. Our WG provides a platform to share new knowledge and present news ideas to address the challenges of our time, such as climate change and problems related to limited material and human resources. In addition, we address needs and consumer acceptance and expectations as well. And although the name of the WG is regional, its activities are international. Every three years, our WG organizes a scientific symposium on vegetables and potatoes. In collaboration with FAO, our WG was able to produce a practical manual for "Good agricultural practices for greenhouse vegetable production".

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Prof. Dr. Nazim Gruda
University of Bonn
INRES Horticultural Sciences
Auf dem Hügel 6
53121 Bonn