About Artichoke

The Working Group Artichoke is relevant to anyone interested in research, production and marketing of artichoke, cardoon and their wild relatives. It is involved in organizing symposia and workshops to share knowledge regarding the study of several aspects related to these species going from the genetic resources evaluation and exploitation, the practices related to nursery (vegetative and seed multiplications), the management of biotic abiotic stresses, to the postharvest, processing, and produce quality looking to the nutraceutical compounds. Scientists from different disciplines, breeders, farmers, industrials, and food processers, and other experts from public and private sectors involved in the field of artichoke, cardoon and their wild relatives are able to meet at the triennial symposia. During each symposium, there is usually the opportunity to visit artichoke fields (experimental and/or commercial) comparing germplasm and breeding materials.

The Acta Horticulturae of the symposia held so far summarize the most important research and discoveries concerning the genus Cynara, constituting important milestones in the scientific and technological progress of the artichoke.

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Prof. Mario-Augusto Pagnotta
Dep of Agric and For Sci (DAFNE)
Universita' della Tuscia
Via S.C. de Lellis
01100 Viterbo