About Cucurbitaceae

Cucurbitaceae family is one of the most economically important crops worldwide. Cucurbits include cucumber, melon, watermelon, squash, pumpkin, winter melon, bitter melon, bottle gourd, and other minor cucurbit crops. Cucurbits are morphologically very diverse, and they are excellent models for studying plant sex expression, phloem physiology, and fruit development. Recently, many cucurbit crops have been sequenced and significant progress in germplasm collections, molecular mapping and gene cloning of horticulturally important traits has provided researchers opportunities and strategies in cucurbits improvement. Working Group Cucurbitaceae is committed to promoting international interest in scientific research in cucurbit crops, which focuses on practices and problems in Cucurbitaceae, including: breeding, propagation, physiology, harvesting, postharvest, storage, processing, and marketing of cucurbits. Our members are researchers, teachers, and extension educators working at universities, at all levels of government, and in different areas of industry from all over the world. We are dedicated to applying science of physiology, biochemisty, biotechnology, genetics, breeding, nutrition, microbiology, ecology, pathology and any other discipline to address major issues facing our world; provide research that improves cucurbits quality and sustainability; educate tomorrow's researchers, teachers and growers in cucurbit crops; and translate the latest fundamental research into products and practices that improve our health and environment.

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Prof. Xingfang Gu
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
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