ISHS ideas contest

Rationale and project aimHarnessing the creativity of the young minds - ISHS Ideas Contest

The International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) aims at capturing your creative and forward-directed ideas and thoughts to develop in strong consonance with you some inventive promotional material that encapsulates the many exciting opportunities in horticultural sciences and in engaging with our Society.

Students, postdocs and young scientists (age limit of 35 years) from all over the globe are invited to provide an eye-catching and inspirational video clip of less than 5 minutes to demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • the attraction, beauty and diversity of horticultural sciences;
  • your motivation, interest and curiosity towards horticultural sciences;
  • the richness of career opportunities in horticultural sciences;
  • potential benefits of being a member of the ISHS.

Too late - The ISHS Ideas Contest has been running from October 1, 2016 until July 31, 2017.

Terms and conditions

A professionally qualified and broadly based committee will evaluate all contributions. Focus is placed on constructive, innovative solutions for overcoming existing barriers and attracting young minds to the beauty of horticultural sciences and society engagement. The committee assesses the following evaluation criteria:

  • closeness of the content to reality;
  • richness of ideas;
  • creativity and originality;
  • persuasiveness of arguments, particularly appealing to young people;
  • feasibility;
  • applicability of ideas to many locations/ situations.

The ISHS reserves the rights to use the submitted materials for its own purposes.

Some remarks and tips
  • Just because you can submit up to 5 minutes of video doesn't necessarily mean you should. Ask yourself, "What is the simplest way I can tell this story?" Then, add more if you can't resist. This will help you focus on what is truly important and keep your audience engaged.
  • We understand science and horticulture comes before filmmaking on your hobby list — we're not looking for Hollywood here. We are, however, looking for videos that will look and sound good. If you can, use a tripod and an external mic. If you can't, have your actors speak close to your on-camera mic and use a natural tripod like a tree limb or your friend's shoulder.
  • Check out (link opens in a new window) for some good technical tips.
  • Show, don't tell! Film is visual medium — you'll capture your audience's attention by keeping the voice-over and dialogue short and sweet.
  • Think global: this is an international contest, and so is the ISHS audience. Try to bring a message that people in different corners of the world can connect with.
  • Tell us a story only YOU can tell: try to be inventive - what story can you tell that hasn't been told yet?

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