I International Symposium on Pecans and Other Carya in Indigenous and Managed Systems

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Pecans 2013

The 1st ISHS Symposium on Pecans and Other Carya in Indigenous and Managed Systems will be held in College Station, Texas, USA from July 17-20, 2013 and registration is now open. College Station is home to Texas A&M University, the USDA ARS Pecan Breeding & Genetics Program, and the Texas Pecan Growers Association, which are collectively convening the symposium.

The intent of the symposium is to establish communication about what is known in order to coordinate future cooperation. Sessions will be moderated by leaders in the respective categories and presentations are sought in these general areas: distribution of genetic diversity in the genus; biology and physiology; breeding, genetics, and genomics; entomology, pathology, and phytosanitary issues; management of both indigenous and grafted orchard systems; food quality, economics, and markets.

The symposium is scheduled immediately following the annual meeting of the Texas Pecan Growers Association (College Station, Texas, July 14-17). The Texas Pecan Growers Association is famous for the high quality of its educational programs targeted at orchard management, as well as an extensive exhibition of equipment used in pecan production. The ISHS Pecan Symposium also precedes the Annual Conference of the American Society of Horticultural Sciences (July 22-25, Palm Desert, California).

Check out http://www.ishs.org/symposium/260 for more details.

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