15th International Peat Congress

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15th International Peat Congress

15th International Peat Congress, Peatlands in Harmony - Agriculture, Industry & Nature

The 15th International Peat Congress (IPC) will be held in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia from August 15th to 19th, 2016. This prestigious quadrennial convention, will be hosted by the Malaysian Peat Society (MPS) in partnership with the International Peatland Society (IPS). This shall be the first time in the International Peatland Society's long history of organizing this congress, that it is held in a location outside of Europe and North America and also is the first in South East Asia.

The theme of the congress is 'Peatlands in Harmony- Agriculture, Industry & Nature'. Presentations will relate to an integrated global perspective for the responsible use of peatlands and the preservation of their unique dynamics and natural biodiversity. The Congress will also provide for researchers, academics and practitioners, an ideal platform to congregate, share information and discuss their scientific results and experiences, with particular reference to peat and peatlands in tropics.

Sarawak, Malaysia's largest State famously known as the Hidden Paradise of Borneo and the Land of the Hornbills, is lavishly endowed with impressive natural landscapes, cultural diversity, and a friendly and welcoming denizens. Less well known is the fact that the State also offers up-to-the-minute convention facilities and technology. As such it is the perfect destination for delegates to confer, network, gain inspiration, take in the local scene (including some interesting peatlands) and relax. The Sarawak State Government, the Federal Government of Malaysia and the corporate sector nationwide are fully committed to providing the Congress with their full support.

Kuching, Malaysia
15-19 August 2016

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