1st Announcement of the 12th International Mango Symposium

Dr. Ping Lu
1st Announcement of the 12th International Mango Symposium

Dear all,

The 1st Announcement of the 12th International Mango Symposium is now available at the symposium website - see http://www.ishs.org/symposium/632 for more information.

I would like to remind our prospective delegates the following important details:

1) Abstract submission:

In order to streamline the process of abstract submission and review, the ISHS has introduced ROSA, the Responsive Online System for Article submission and review see http://www.ishs.org/faq/rosa for details.
A charge in the amount of EUR 80 applies to submit your abstract - for ISHS Individual members, this abstract submission charge is fully waived. More details available here: http://www.ishs.org/faq/does-ishs-charge-abstract-submission-fee-when-i-submit-my-abstract The suggestion from me is that you would be better off to first apply or renew your membership.

The presenting author must pay an abstract submission charge (unless the author is ISHS member). Once the abstract is submitted, no further fee is charged. There is no submission charge for the consequent submission of full text papers once the abstract gets accepted.

At the time of abstract submission, ISHS membership is validated automatically:
- ISHS members login with their active ISHS user number and will be able to submit an abstract free of charge
- non-ISHS members first have to create or re-activate their ISHS user account and pay the abstract submission charge, after which they will be able to submit the abstract

2) Non-members paid full registration fee will not receive a complimentary membership after the symposium.

ISHS is a Membership driven society. While ISHS events welcome both members and non-members, to qualify for discounted registration when attending ISHS meetings, conferences or workshops, individuals must be a member in good standing, prior to registration. Non-members who pay the full symposium registration fee won't be getting a complimentary trial membership for one year anymore. So if you intend to attend a symposium you would be better off to apply or renew your ISHS membership now. This will give you access to member's discounted registration fee (already equivalent to the membership fee), and also free abstract submission (that's again equivalent to the membership fee). Really the ISHS encourages you to be a member. For an overview of all benefits please visit http://www.ishs.org/ishs-membership-benefits).

Please note that if you join ISHS now (post July) then your membership will cover the remaining months of the current year plus the next calendar year.  ISHS Membership Rules state: Membership in ISHS is by calendar year (January - December). Membership accounts activated in August or later would cover the remaining months of the current year plus the next calendar year. Reduced membership for citizens of selected countries.

3) Student awards
There will be ISHS student awards at every ISHS symposium: The ISHS representative, together with the Convener, will set up a special committee to select the best oral and the best poster presentation, given by a student as presenter and first author of the work. Students should be enrolled in a PhD programme, and with an age limit of 35. The ISHS representative or Convener will present the ISHS Student Award to the awardees during the symposium.  See http://www.ishs.org/student-awards for further information.

4) Your membership validation will be checked at the time of registration

The convener inserts a field in the registration form for filling in the ISHS membership number and that the convener double checks the ISHS membership of participants prior to confirming their registration. A person must be member at the time of registration fee payment if this person registers at the lower fee for ISHS members (If registration would be open in 2016, the person registering in 2016 at the lower fee for ISHS members must be member in 2016; people registering in 2017 at the lower fee for ISHS members must be member in 2017).

Thank you for your interest in mango working group and see you soon in Baise, China.

Dr. Ping Lu

Chairperson, Mango Working Group

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