1st Berry School in Málaga, Spain

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1st Berry School in Málaga, Spain

The EU-funded research project GoodBerry (www.goodberry-eu.eu) aims to further improve our knowledge of the procedures that facilitate and accelerate the development of well-accepted, desirable and high-quality berry fruits – even under non-favourable growth conditions such as high temperatures. Focusing on strawberry, raspberry and black currant as model crop species, the project investigates mechanisms and new factors impacting on yield, thus allowing the design of strategies for improved adaptability of fruit production to non-optimal environmental conditions. This will help making production more controllable and more robust in the future.

The project is based on the development of an integrative, multi-scale strategy to identify new molecular factors (metabolites/genes/alleles/loci) conferring the capacity to maintain high yield performance and high fruit quality in extreme environmental conditions. While the use of novel methodologies for genetic improvement of berries in different environments is still absent in current breeding programmes, GoodBerry will build on novel molecular tools to apply cutting-edge genomic and metabolomics based approaches to deliver holistic solutions addressing the challenges of increasing productivity efficiency, crop resilience and food quality in the light of climate changes.

The 1st Berry School will be organized in line with the GoodBerry objectives and addresses PhD students, technicians and experts involved in berry research and berry production sectors. Besides lectures on plant genetics and physiology and fruit quality control the one week program will also comprise a field trip to Huelva, the main area of strawberry production in Spain.

1st Berry School at a glance:

Overall topic: Plant genetics and physiology and fruit quality control
Local Organizer: Instituto de Investigación y Formación Agraria y Pesquera (GoodBerry partner) and Universidad de Málaga (Goodberry coordinator & co-organizer)
Venue: Universidad de Málaga (UMA), Campus Teatinos, Aula M2, Facultad de Ciencias (Módulo de Matemáticas) / Room M2 from Faculty of Science (Mathematics' Module), 29071 Málaga, Spain
Date: March 21 – 24, 2017

Further details on the programme and the application procedure will be available on the GoodBerry website at www.goodberry-eu.eu

plant genetics
fruit quality control
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