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The 29th International Horticultural Congress (IHC2014), an outstanding success and unique opportunity in terms of advocacy for the profession. Held in Brisbane from 17-22 August 2014, it attracted 3,400 delegates from 106 countries. The program featured 8 plenary lectures, 156 keynote speakers, 1202 oral and 1151 poster presentations in 4 plenary sessions and 43 symposia. The program included pre-congress training schools, workshops, business meetings, an associated exhibition and garden display, a photographic competition, a grower breakfast and post-congress tours.

The ISHS channel on YouTube now features over 9 hours of IHC2014 video material covering the spectacular opening ceremony, the plenaries and the ISHS General Assembly!

IHC2014 clearly built on the success of IHC2010 in Lisbon, which also attracted more than 3000 delegates from over 100 countries, and demonstrates the strength of, and support for, ISHS today. The next horticultural congress will be held in Turkey in 2018, mark it in your diary and plan to join us there!

Also available on the ISHS YouTube channel is the 'Harvesting the Sun' video which was prepared to highlight and promote our profession Horticulture and Horticultural Science and is now accessible to a worldwide audience. The President and the Board of ISHS encourages you to access this video, tell your family, friends and colleagues how to find it and inform local schools and other educational institutions that it provides a broad introduction to this critically important topic. The main purpose of 'Harvesting the Sun' was to demonstrate the economic, social and community importance of horticulture and horticultural science to human kind. It was an attempt to explain in simple terms how horticulture is sustainable source of healthy nutritious food, a source of income with a critical role in beautifying our environment and enhancing wellbeing.

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See https://www.youtube.com/user/HorticulturalScience

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