9th Triennial African Potato Association (APA) conference: APA2013

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9th Triennial African Potato Association (APA) conference

APA 2013: The African Potato Association (APA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Kenya, the National Potato Council of Kenya, and the International Potato Center are hosting the Ninth Triennial African Potato Association (APA) conference, which will be held at the Great Rift Valley Lodge in Naivasha, Kenya from the 30th of June through to the 4th of July 2013.

The meeting will have 3 specific objectives:

  1. it is an opportunity for scientists from within and outside of the continent to review the progress of potato and sweetpotato research in Africa.
  2. the forum enables scientists to engage with other stakeholders (development agents, input dealers, innovative farmers, etc.) who also participate through exhibitions, presentations and panel discussions.
  3. out of this sharing of knowledge and learning, we anticipate that new public-public and public-private sector partnerships will emerge.

The conference will contain the following major themes:

  • Appropriate policies for germplasm exchange, food and nutrition security, and trade in Africa
  • Getting seed systems moving
  • Major advances in breeding and crop management
  • Innovations in postharvest management, processing technologies, marketing systems and technology transfer
  • New evidence concerning nutritional value and changing behaviours



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