Acta Horticulturae: fully CrossRef enabled!

ISHS Secretariat

ISHS, as a CrossRef member is now complying with CrossRef regulations. Consequently a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) has been assigned to each of the 60.000+ Acta Horticulturae articles published so far. When you check out you will notice the DOI for each individual article. Make sure to consistently include the DOI when citing an article!

In addition, citations may now be exported in .ris format for eacy integration with your reference manager software tools.

In future, further enhancements will include a fully cross-linked reference list with each new article. The use of DOI will also allow for implementation of article level metrics and other significant enhancements.

What is a DOI? Similar to a bar code for a physical object, a DOI is a unique alphanumeric string assigned to a digital object, such as an electronic journal, article, report, or thesis.

Each DOI is unique and serves as a stable, persistent link to the full-text of an electronic item on the Internet. Unlike a URL, a DOI doesn't change over time; even if the item moves to a new location, the DOI stays the same.

Citations represent the evolution of ideas, as one author builds on or challenges the research of another. CrossRef allows the user to move from one article to another at the citation level, regardless of journal or publisher. Without full-text citation linking, the user who discovers a desired resource while reading usually has to switch to a different search interface to locate and ultimately access that resource. With CrossRef, it only takes a click or two to get to the full text, either as an authenticated user or through pay-per-view services.

CrossRef-enabled articles are easier to find and link to. Make sure all your electronically published work is registered in CrossRef, and that your library uses CrossRef to facilitate article-level linking to its locally held resources.

To increase the impact of your research make sure to consistently include the corresponding DOI when citing an article.

The ISHS publisher prefix in the CrossRef system is 10.17660.


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