Chief Corporate Development - the link between industry and ISHS

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Chief Corporate Development - the link between industry and ISHS

Leuven, February 2019 - Press Release

One of the focal points of the ISHS Board is the cooperation with related industries, which is considered important for the sustainable and economic development of the society.

The previous Board recommended corporate ISHS memberships be pursued.

Cooperation with corporate members provides different scientific and practical opportunities for both the industry partner as well as the ISHS. These opportunities include collaboration and networking, development of innovative technologies, and sustainable solutions for horticultural crop production chains.

These kinds of membership relations require special care and personal follow-up. Therefore, Jozef Van Assche has taken on the responsibility to bridge the link between industry and ISHS. Jozef Van Assche has been Executive Director of ISHS for 25 years but decided to step aside on 1 January 2019 from this position at his own request in 2017. He was appointed as Special Advisor by the previous Board. His new position is Chief Corporate Development.

Jozef, who is uniquely suited for this position with his knowledge of the history and operation of ISHS, his wealth of contacts in the horticultural corporate world, and his amazingly personable diplomacy and language skills, is excited about the prospects of this new position. He will focus on maintaining existing relationships with the corporate members of ISHS and has begun initiating new ones, but will also carry out other tasks as specified and assigned by the Board.

ISHS welcomes any suggestions, questions or leads you may have with respect to the development of the corporate membership initiative.

Please feel free to contact Jozef Van Assche with your Corporate Membership related questions.
Jozef will be happy to work with you to establish a tailor-made scheme to suit your needs.

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