Chronica Horticulturae 53 number 1 (March 2013)

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Chronica Horticulturae 53 number 1 (March 2013)

Chronica Horticulturae 53 number 1 (March 2013) is available for download. 

Horticultural Highlights: Results from the ISHS Membership Survey 2012 • Peat, Politics and Pressure Groups • History and Early Development of the Modern Chrysanthemum • History, Myth and Conservation Threat of the African Baobab Tree in India

Symposia and Workshops: EUCARPIA Section Ornamentals "Ornamental Breeding Worldwide" • Light in Horticultural Systems • Postharvest Quality of Ornamental Plants • Biostimulants in Agriculture • Orchard Systems, Rootstocks and Environmental Physiology • Irrigation of Horticultural Crops • Persimmon • Vaccinium and Other Superfruits • Improving the Performance of Supply Chains in the Transitional Economies • People Plant • Postharvest Research, Education and Extension

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