Chronica Horticulturae 53 number 2 (June 2013)

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Chronica Horticulturae 53 number 2 (June 2013)

Chronica Horticulturae volume 53 number 2 (June 2013) is available now. 

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Horticultural Highlights: "Fingerprints" for Fruit and Nut Plants • Plant Factory in Japan – Current Situation and Perspectives • The Arziki Onion Store: New, Effective and Affordable Onion Storage for Small Producers • Jackfruit: Genetic Diversity and Culture • Nomenclature and Iconography of Common Milkweed

Symposia and Workshops: Medicinal and Nutraceutical Plants • Saffron Biology and Technology • Medicinal Plants and Natural Products • Olive Growing • Jackfruit and Other Moraceae • Lychee, Longan and Other Sapindaceae Fruits • Temperate Zone Fruits in the Tropics and Subtropics • Brassicas and Crucifer Genetics • Biotechnology and Other Omics in Vegetable Science • Eurasian Vegetables and Greens • Middle East Horticultural Summit • HORTIMODEL2012

Chronica Horticulturae
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