Chronica Horticulturae Volume 59 Number 1

ISHS Secretariat
Chronica Horticulturae Volume 59 Number 1

Chronica Horticulturae Volume 59 Number 1 (March 2019) is available for download - proceed to and login with your ISHS membership account credentials.

Topics in this number include
News & Views from the Board

  • Outreach, young minds, and collaboration with industry, Y. Tüzel


  • Harnessing the opinions of young minds, J. Wünsche
  • The need for sound strategy based research cooperations, L. Bertschinger and M. Weber
  • Agroecology and education: socio-ecological resilience to climate change, M.C. Dussi

Spotlight on Honoured ISHS Members

  • Dyno Keatinge

Horticultural Science News

  • World record: saffron flowers with most augmented number of stigmata, M.A. Sharaf-Eldin
  • ISHS Young Minds Award winner summaries

The World of Horticulture

  • Persian gardens: then and now, G. Rouhani
  • New books, websites
  • Courses and meetings

Symposia and Workshops

  • First International Symposium on Horticultural Therapies: Past, Present and Future
  • II International Symposium on Beverage Crops
  • XIII International Pear Symposium

News from the ISHS Secretariat

  • New ISHS members
  • In Memoriam
  • Calendar of ISHS events
  • Available issues of Acta Horticulturae
  • Chronica Horticulturae author information

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Chronica Horticulturae
March 2019
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