eJHS new issue: Volume 80/3 (June 2015)

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European Journal of Horticultural Science (eJHS)

Check out the new issue of eJHS online at http://www.pubhort.org/ejhs/ (Volume 80, issue 3) including the following articles:

  • A preharvest treatment of ethephon and methyl jasmonate affects mechanical harvesting performance and composition of 'Verdejo' grapes and wines
  • Improving fruit size and quality of low yielding and small fruited pear cultivars with benzyladenine and gibberellin applications
  • Root growth, yield and fruit quality of 'Red Fuji' apple trees in relation to planting depth of dwarfing interstock on the Loess Plateau
  • Susceptibility to blue mold caused by Penicillium expansum in apple cultivars adapted to a cool climate
  • Evaluation of the soil ecological measure for overcoming replant disorder of strawberry
  • Preliminary identification of pear accessions of 'Lubeničarka' group using RAPD markers
  • Identification of superior almond Prunus dulcis genotypes from a germplasm field in Iran

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