Funding Call for Transformational Horticulture R&D Proposals

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Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL)

Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) is responsible for the national management and coordination of R&D for Australia's horticultural industries including fruit, vegetables, nuts, nursery, turf, cut flowers and extractive crops. HAL is inviting preliminary proposals for new research concepts, ideas and technologies that are transformational in nature. The focus of the Horticulture Australia Transformational Fund (HTF) is to accelerate the development of these transformational research concepts, ideas and technologies, aiming to either:

  • Invest to the point at which the research opens up a new field of technology through applied research, or the technology risk is lowered to a point where industry can invest in further development and deployment; or
  • In the case of later stage investments, the investment must overcome key technical barriers currently preventing wider industry adoption of the transformational technology. The investment should not carry the tax-payer investment beyond the point at which industry should be able to shoulder the remaining technical and market risks.

Up to AU$12.5 million in funding is available over a five-year period (AU$2.5 million annually) for co-investment with research agencies or institutes who can demonstrate novel approaches to three core transformational research themes, deemed to be critical to the success of the horticultural industry in 2030. These are:

  1. Limiting or removing abiotic / biotic stresses on horticultural row and tree crops
  2. Reducing the labour component of production/post harvest activity
  3. New Product Development or Value adding technologies

Application Process: The HTF application process comprises of two stages:
Stage 1: Applicants are encouraged to submit a Preliminary proposal for initial consideration by HAL.
Stage 2: Should your Preliminary proposal be successful, applicants will be asked to submit a full proposal for final consideration by the HAL Investment Committee and Board.

Preliminary proposals will need to meet the guidelines outlined on the HAL website to progress to the next stage, which will require a detailed proposal to be lodged.
Timing of Application: Beginning this year, HAL will have an annual Transformational Call. In 2013, preliminary proposals can only be submitted in the eight week window opening on Monday, 4 March 2013 and closing 5pm, 29 April 2013.

Acknowledgement: Preliminary applications will be acknowledged and recorded in the HAL project information system. Applicants will be advised in writing of the success or otherwise of their preliminary proposal by the HAL General Manager - Research and Development. Instructions to Complete Preliminary Proposal Form: The preliminary proposal form is available on the HAL website, and should be completed electronically, and sent to the following email address –
Further Information: A dedicated transformational investment portal on the HAL website contains all relevant documentation available to download. The Guiding Principles document and the preliminary proposal form can be found there. Should you require further information, please contact Philippa Lorimer HAL Portfolio Manager - All proposals must be received by 29 April 2013


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