Global Aquaponic Practitioner Survey

Mr. Graeme Smith
Global Aquaponic Practitioner Survey

Hello to all members of ISHS Working Group Hydroponics & Aquaponics

A group of researchers from the University of Washington on an international project – Cityfood – is running a global aquaponics survey and this survey will provide researchers with real-world information about existing aquaponic systems and farms which define current practices and using results from this survey, researchers aim to connect and empower aquaponic farmers, researchers and decision-makers.

The survey only takes 15-20 minutes to complete and will help researchers compile a report on the state of the field. As a participant, you will receive access to the report immediately after its release.

The Cityfood interdisciplinary team of aquaculture specialists, architects, and urban planners is jointly supported by the US National Science Foundation and the EU Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiative/ Belmont Forum. This cohort sees aquaponics as a promising technology that can simultaneously address global challenges in the food, water, and energy sectors.

This global aquaponic survey initiative is a welcome development to try and understand the global scale of aquaponics and the various production systems that is crucial to understand when trying to define the current situation and any pathways to further research and development of these important food production systems that aim to deliver a more sustainable outcome with shared resources across both horticulture and aquaculture therefore I urge all WG members to complete asap via this Survey link:

Graeme Smith (CPAg)
Chair ISHS WG - Hydroponics & Aquaponics
Vice Chair ISHS Division - Protected Cultivation & Soilless Culture


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