Horticulture: Plants for People - Plants for our Planet

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Horticulture: Plants for People - Plants for our Planet

ISHS Young Minds: Get inspired, search online to find a horticulture course and start your education for a sustainable career!

Our world is facing immense challenges climate change, mass migration from the countryside to mega cities, food shortages, excess consumption, food waste, pollution and freshwater shortages.

With science, advanced technologies, innovation and creativity, solutions can be found. Through sustainable cultivation of plants and an increase in plant-based diets many of these challenges can be overcome.

We have co-evolved with green plants over Millennia.

They provide the very oxygen we breathe, food we eat, shelter and medicines.

They bring living colour to our lives. Horticulture is science technology art and business, it cultivates and uses plants to improve human life.

Horticulturists and Horticultural scientists create global solutions for safe sustainable nutritious food and healthy restorative and beautiful environments.

Join this journey make your contribution. So open your mind, cultivate your imagination and dream of a bright new future.
All that's needed is the right career!

  • Horticulture: Plants for People - Plants for our Planet
    Video written, produced and directed by Dr. Owen P.E. Doyle FCIHort, CHort, in cooperation with the Chartered Institute of Horticulture (Great Britain and Ireland)
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