IHC2018 - Istanbul, Turkey August 2018 - Message from the ISHS President

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IHC2018 - Istanbul, Turkey August 2018 - Message from the ISHS President

At the ISHS Board meeting in March this year, the Board confirmed the decision of the ISHS Council in Portugal in 2010 on the venue for IHC2018. The XXX International Horticultural Congress will be convened in Istanbul, Turkey from 12th to 16th August, 2018. We wish our colleagues in Turkey all success and invite all members of ISHS to promote and fully support this event – www.ihc2018.org

At the last Council meeting in August 2016, there was considerable discussion on whether IHC2018 should be held in Turkey or transferred to another country. At that meeting, the Council requested that the Board thoroughly review the proposal and plans of the IHC2018 Steering Committee.

In the interim period, we requested and have received detailed reports from the IHC2018 Steering Committee, and DEKON (the Professional Conference Organiser). In addition, we received letters of support from the Minister for Food, Agriculture and Livestock and Turkish Embassies. We sent a representative of ISHS in January this year to meet with the Ministry for Agriculture, the Steering and Scientific Committees for IHC2018, the Turkish Society for Horticultural Science, the Committee for Sponsorship and Industrial relations and DEKON.

Then in March, under the mandate received from the Council in Quebec in 2016, the ISHS Board thoroughly discussed the issue of IHC2018 remaining in Istanbul, Turkey. We carried out an in-depth risk analysis of every aspect, including the likelihood and possible consequences of any potential issues, looking at impact and the effect of mitigation measures, both in relation to security for participants and the financial implications for the ISHS. The plans put in place to ensure the venue is safe and secure are very comprehensive.

The voting members of the Board, after thorough discussion, unanimously decided that the IHC2018 will remain in Istanbul in August 2018. The Board wishes to emphasize that the above decision was taken on the basis of horticultural and scientific relevance, financial and security considerations, entirely in accordance with the mission of our Society. We represent ISHS members in 150 countries/regions, which encompass a wide range of cultures and policies. ISHS is a society of individuals, organizations, and governmental agencies devoted to horticultural research, education and industry to improve human wellbeing. We welcome participation from all members from all countries/regions and each member is equally important to us.

ISHS is continuing to grow and expand our activities worldwide. At the last Council meeting, it was decided that the next Board would have a representative from Africa and South America in addition to the existing regional representations. Thus the next Board will have representatives from all continents. We live in a world that is increasingly aware of food security and the need to feed a rapidly increasing population. There never has been a more important era to work in horticulture. We look forward to working together with all our members to realize the significant role of horticultural crops to meet the needs of our world.

On behalf of the ISHS Board
Roderick Drew, President ISHS

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