IHC2022: Call for abstracts!

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IHC2022: Call for abstracts!

The International Horticultural Congress (IHC) is the most important scientific event organised under the aegis of the ISHS. An IHC takes place every four years and the next one, the 31st International Horticultural Congress, IHC2022 "Horticulture for a World in Transition" will be held in the city of Angers, France 14-20 August 2022.

Abstract submission is open! Visit https://www.ihc2022.org/submission-registration/abstract-submission/ for more details and instructions to submit your abstract. Abstract submission deadline is 15 November 2021.

Discover the 25 IHC2022 symposia at https://www.ihc2022.org/scientific-program/symposia/ each covering a theme open to original results, innovative methods and multidisciplinary cross-cutting views.
Each symposium is organised in sessions with keynotes, oral and e-poster presentations, and welcomes academic and applied communications.

The scientific program has been elaborated thanks to the IHC2022 Scientific Committee, the ISHS Executive Committee (Division and Commission Chairs) and the respective conveners and scientific committees of each symposium.
For any questions about the scientific program, please contact sciences@ihc2022.org

The 25 IHC2022 Symposia are:

  • S1: Breeding and Effective Use of Biotechnology and Molecular Tools in Horticultural Crops
  • S2: Conservation and Sustainable Use of Horticultural Genetic Resources
  • S3: Quality Seeds and Transplants for Horticultural Crops and Restorative Species
  • S4: In Vitro Technology and Micropropagated Plants
  • S5: Innovations in Ornamentals: from Breeding to Market
  • S6: Innovative Technologies and Production Strategies for Sustainable Controlled Environment Horticulture
  • S7: II International Symposium on Greener Cities: Improving Ecosystem Services in a Climate-Changing World (GreenCities2022)
  • S8: Advances in Vertical Farming
  • S9: Urban Horticulture for Sustainable Food Security (UrbanFood2022)
  • S10: Value Adding and Innovation Management in the Horticultural Sector
  • S11: Adaptation of Horticultural Plants to Abiotic Stresses
  • S12: Water: a Worldwide Challenge for Horticulture!
  • S13: Plant Nutrition, Fertilization, Soil Management
  • S14: Sustainable Control of Pests and Diseases
  • S15: Agroecology and System Approach for Sustainable and Resilient Horticultural Production
  • S16: Innovative Perennial Crops Management
  • S17: Integrative Approaches to Product Quality in Fruits and Vegetables
  • S18: Precision and Digital Horticulture in Field Environments
  • S19: Advances in Berry Crops
  • S20: The Vitivinicultural Sector: Which Tools to Face Current Challenges?
  • S21: XII International Symposium on Banana: Celebrating Banana Organic Production
  • S22: Natural Colorants from Plants
  • S23: Post-harvest Technologies to Reduce Food Losses
  • S24: IX International Symposium on Human Health Effects of Fruits and Vegetables - FAVHEALTH2022
  • S25: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Domestication, Breeding, Cultivation and New Perspectives

See you in Angers in 2022!


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