IHC2022 workshop posters "Innovations in teaching methods"

Mr. Graeme Smith
IHC2022 workshop posters "Innovations in teaching methods"

Dear members of the ISHS Working Group Hydroponics & Aquaponics,
Please see below a call for posters at IHC2022 around the subject of "Innovations in teaching methods"
Regards, Graeme

Graeme Smith, CAg, MAIA
Chair – ISHS Working Group – Hydroponics & Aquaponics
Vice Chair – ISHS Division – Protected Cultivation & Soilless Culture
Cell: +61 (0)427 339 009

As you know, we are planning to organise a workshop on "Innovations in teaching methods" during the 31st International Horticultural Congress and we have just launched a call for posters which you can find on the IHC2022 website at https://www.ihc2022.org/innovation-in-teaching-methods/
As a member of the ISHS, we call on you to disseminate this call for posters in your institutions and professional networks.
Thank you very much for this valuable communication channel you'll be.

We remain at your disposal if needed,
Yours sincerely.

For the IHC2022 Training Group; the convener :
Philippe Prévost
Senior digital officer
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