III International Symposium on Molecular Markers in Horticulture - 1st Announcement

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III International Symposium on Molecular Markers in Horticulture - First Announcement

In the last few decades, the discovery of new molecular markers has revolutionized plant breeding, offering the scientific community a wide range of tools suitable for developing novel and improved accessions characteristics in a variety of species. Several fields of research have benefited from the application of these techniques. For example, molecular markers have been extensively employed for the detection of loci controlling important agronomical traits using association analysis, germplasm characterization, cultivar protection, population investigation and phylogenetic analyses.

To date, the availability of complete or nearly complete genome sequences of several plant species, has facilitated molecular marker development, making their use more affordable and efficient. In parallel, improvement in high throughput genotyping technologies and sequencing strategies has allowed extraordinarily profound investigations of the genomes of both model and non-model organisms, with the exciting possibility of constiting novel ideotypes.

In order to discuss the progress achieved by exploiting molecular markers in plant sciences and the challenges for the future, the International Society for Horticulture Science (ISHS) in collaboration with the Fondazione Edmund Mach is organizing the Molecular Markers in Horticulture Symposium. This event will take place from September 25th to 27th in Riva del Garda (Trento, Italy) situated on the charming shores of Lake Garda.

Main topics include:
- Germplasm collections and molecular characterisation
- Marker assisted breeding strategies
- Molecular mapping and marker development
- Genomics applications
- Computational analyses and bioinformatics
- Solanaceae-specific section
- Young researchers mini-symposium

Check out http://www.ishs.org/symposium/317 for more details.

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