International Day of Moringa

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ISM2023 - International Day of Moringa

ISHS Working Group Moringa
On August 2, 2023, an online meeting was held with Mr. Hebert Rodrigues Pereira (Ministry of Agrarian Development and Family Agriculture - MDA), Mr. Otávio Moreira do Carmo Júnior (MDA) and the Organization of the III International Symposium on Moringa - ISM2023 ( Prof. Dr. Mahmoud A. Sharafeldin (ISHS Representative - Chair of ISHS Working Group Moringa), Prof. Dr. Gabriel Silva (UFS), Mr. Arthur Begliomini (Moringa Association of Brazil); Prof. Dr. Daiane Farias P. Suffredini and Ms. Rhayana Aline (Moringa Association of Brazil), with the aim of supporting the ISM2023, which will be held in Aracaju-Sergipe Brazil, from 8 to 10 November 2023, and to present the proposal for the designation of an "International Day of Moringa", to be introduced and to be held every year on 14 September.

Check the .pdf below for more details including screenshots of the online meeting

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