ISHS Elections: Executive Committee

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ISHS Elections: Executive Committee

Below is the result in the elections for the ISHS Executive Committee (2014-2018)
Elected Chairpersons will come into office by the end of the 2014 International Horticultural Congress (Brisbane, August 2014) where the results of the elections will be confirmed by the ISHS Council:

  • Commission Landscape and Urban Horticulture (CMUH): Prof. Dr. Giorgio Prosdocimi Gianquinto (Italy)
  • Commission Organic Horticulture (CMOR): Dr. Martine Dorais (Canada)
  • Commission Economics and Management (CMEM): Dr. Peter J. Batt (Australia)
  • Commission Education, Research Training and Consultancy (CMET): Dr. Rémi Kahane (France)
  • Commission Fruits and Vegetables and Health (CMFV): Prof. Julian Heyes (New Zealand)
  • Commission Horticultural Engineering (CMEN): Dr. Murat Kacira (USA)
  • Commission Irrigation and Plant Water Relations(CMIR): Prof. Dr. Manuela Zude (Germany)
  • Commission Molecular Biology and In Vitro Culture (CMMV): Dr. Maurizio Lambardi (Italy)
  • Commission Plant Genetic Resources (CMGR): Dr. Damiano Avanzato (Italy)
  • Commission Plant Protection (CMPP):Dr. David Hunter (Canada)
  • Commission Plant Substrates and Soilless Culture (CMPS): Prof. Dr. Michael Raviv (Israel)
  • Commission Protected Cultivation (CMPC): Prof. Stefania De Pascale (Italy)
  • Commission Quality and Postharvest Horticulture (CMPH): Prof. Christopher B. Watkins (USA)
  • Section Nuts and Mediterranean Climate Fruits (SENU): Prof. Tiziano Caruso (Italy)
  • Section Ornamental Plants (SEOP): Prof. Dr. Margrethe Serek (Germany)
  • Section Pome and Stone Fruits (SEFR): Prof. Ted M. DeJong (USA)
  • Section Tropical and Subtropical Fruits (SETS): Prof. Dr. Sisir Kumar Mitra (India)
  • Section Vegetables - Quality Production Systems - Leafy Green and Non-Root Vegetables (SEVQ): Dr. Daniel Leskovar (USA)
  • Section Vegetables - Roots, Tubers, Edible Bulbs, Brassica and Asparagus (SEVR): Prof. Umezuruike Linus Opara (South Africa)
  • Section Vine and Berry Fruits (SEVI): Prof. Dr. Bernadine C. Strik (USA)

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The ISHS Vice President, as Chair of the Executive Committee, extends to all candidates her thanks and particular congratulations to those who have been elected for being willing to undertake this important role.
She appreciates that the position is a voluntary one and that the contributions that are made in the role as a Chair take considerable time and effort to achieve.

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